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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mind Science = Consciousness, Revolution

Learning the ability to Construct an Instinctual Alertness Comprised of All ones Senses , Consciousness Abilities, Known Natural Universals, “Deva’s”, Perceptional Dimensions and Tangents, Which will enable one to Shundrallah, Avoid Oppose Deconstruct Defiantly the Dangerous, Abominations, Manipulations, Obfuscations, Ignorance, Lies, Deceit, Illusions, Delusions and Moral Atrocities, Ethical Dilemmas, As tho one could feal the effects coming, Once one has Mastered the Art of Shundrallah from “The core of consciousness” to the “Physical tool Body-Brain-Mind” One no longer needs to keep Watch with Undivided attention the moments of ones opponent or even several opponents at once, Rather one sees and feels instinctively what is going to happen, and at the same moment one has already Resolved its effects without there being a “Fragment of Time” between Perceiving and Resolving, this then is what counts, a Lightning reaction which has no further need of consciousness observation, in this respect at least the Developer of Shundrallah makes oneself independent of all consciousness purpose, and that is a great gain as it allows one to devote ones consciousness to growing and mastering more abilities, mastering Shundrallah and implementing it instinctively in reality… Indra the Lord of the Deva’s, is this envisagement, the Lord of all Gods-Deva’s, Abilities, Knowledge’s is ones metaphysical ability “Consciousness!” it’s the Trump Card in the game of Deva’s, Its powered by Willpower, and its Focus can see past any Illusion Delusion or Manipulation… It can not be Tamed, or Broken, It can not Die like the body-Tool-Brain-Mind, Its Awareness! Its Application of Willpower to Interact and Effect that Awareness… and it should be the one Training your Brain, or your being Puppeted and Brainwashed as your allowing others to program your tool, and the first program they try and install is “Brain Block your Real Consciousness and only listen to the physical programming you receive from “Religion-Media-Politics-Law-Police-Military etc” the Patriarchal Chain of Command… Instinctively trained to Block your consciousness from even accessing its tool, the brain trained to mistake your true self for a demon… who is the real demon? Knowing this secret for thousands of years and keeping the people slaves? We know humanity once was free and lived for thousands of years conscious and free in peace… and then came along patriarchs putting them selves above man and enforcing a hierarchy chain of command, enforcing submission and conformity to the chain of command or one becomes a target for all the strands of command that come from the same elite oppose in unison, while other strings infiltrate and try and take over any organization… hence the real secret is the old way making everyone conscious, waking everyone up! And instinctively training everyone how to destroy Abominations, Manipulation, corruption, Obfuscation, Belief, Illusion, Delusion, Deceit, Control and Domination and replace it with Truth Transparency, Freedom, Honesty, Equality, and REAL KNOWING that can be shared openly and freely with everyone to dispel the myths and dogmas that limit so many allowing the few elite to control and dominate and Abominate humanity…

The Pupil must Develop a new sense or more accurately a new alertness of all ones senses which will enable one to avoid dangerous thrusts as though he could feal them coming, Once one has mastered the art of evasion one no longer needs to watch with undivided attention the movements of his opponent or even several opponents at once rather he sees and feels what is going to happen, and at that same moment one has already avoided its effects without there being a “hairs breath” between perceiving and avoiding, this then is what counts, a lightning reaction which has no further need of consciousness observation, in this respect at least the pupil makes himself independent of all conscious purpose, and that is a great gain -E Herrigels “Zen in the Art of Archery 1953

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