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Monday, September 14, 2009

From a human to a terrorist,25197,25898259-28737,00.html

Sally Neighbour | August 08, 2009
Article from: The Australian

A SOCCER-PLAYING labourer and father of four whose friends say he was "like an Aussie boy".

A 22-year-old described as "a smart kid" and "a good student". A boilermaker who complained of having to work round the clock to feed his family. These otherwise nondescript Australians are among the latest recruits to the global terrorist movement, according to evidence tendered in the Melbourne Magistrates Court after this week's terrorism arrests. The perplexing question is: Why? How does a seemingly ordinary young man come to embrace violent extremism? Its corollary, the question that confounds counter-terrorism experts worldwide, is: how can we stop them?

The rapidly morphing nature of global terrorism demands an evolving response. Since 9/11, Osama bin Laden's al-Qa'ida has diminished but its ideology has flourished, spawning hundreds of like-minded groups and cells across the world. US terrorism specialist Marc Sageman describes this new phenomenon as a "violent Islamist born-again social movement" straddling the globe. Its fragmented and anarchic nature makes it arguably a bigger threat than al-Qa'ida, according to Britain's Strategy for Countering International Terrorism, unveiled in March this year. Unlike the once highly centralised al-Qa'ida, the new grassroots terrorism cannot be fought with border protection measures or military strikes, but must be tackled at its roots.
Since Al-CIA-Da aka The Great Cia Database of Mujaheddin Operatives has been highlighted on the internet as a CIA Scam as Osama-tim Osman was a CIA agent, working for Zbigniew Brzezinsky conducting global terrorism on there behalf for 30 years has been authenticated by all the western worlds global inteligence agencies as FACT, so the focus has been moved to the REAL TARGETS, FREE THINKERS WHO WANT TO PROTECT THE WEEK AND STAND UP TO TYRANY CAUSED BY THE CORRUPT ELITE ABOMINATIONS
Brzezinsky said this him self ITS A MASSIVE SOCIAL POLITICAL AWAKENING that is the elites biggest threat

This reality has spawned a new buzzword in the anti-terrorism fraternity: counter-radicalisation. Its aim, in Sageman's words, is to "stop the process of radicalisation before it reaches its violent end".

The concept is sure to be a central theme of the Rudd government's white paper on counter-terrorism later this year. Its release has been long awaited by critics such as Anthony Bergin of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, who has been calling for such a strategy for two years. "Despite the rhetoric, what has this government actually invested in this area? My sense is pretty little," Bergin says.
I'm interested to read this and will Blog a report on Rudd's White paper report

But for all the hype surrounding the concept, like many handy catchphrases, counter-radicalisation is easier said than done. Radicalisation itself is a complex process; the job of countering it infinitely more so.
AKA consciousness is a complex process the Job of countering it without informing the people SLAVERY ENFORCEMENT is the game is infinantly harder as they no there going to force a rebellion eventually as it becomes obvious to the people they will not submit to total domination, their freedom equality and self unique identity all comes from having ones own consciousness choice! the people will not give this up and when they find out the elites real game plan they will rebel, at the moment the elites disinformation psychological stratigic program is sucessfull as not many people are awakening in australia when compaired to europe and america...

"Radicalisation happens in a number of different ways," says Nick O'Brien, former head of international counter-terrorism for the British Special Branch and now associate professor of terrorism studies at Charles Sturt University. "Some people are radicalised because of foreign policy, (such as) Australian actions previously in Iraq and in Afghanistan, or because of Australia's allegiance to America. Other people are radicalised because of what happens to a relative, or what they read on the internet, or by the influence of a charismatic preacher. There is a whole mix that goes into why a person becomes radicalised, and it's probably different for each person."
See your a radical if your conciously QUESTION the Authority!
Question forign policy , or Forign intervention actions "like Australian SAS murdering Afgani Famalies women and children... RADICAL
Questioning the New world order, Agenda 21, Global currency, Asia pacific Union RADICAL!
Questioning The Law, Questioning Australian Priministers holding Secret meetings with henery kissinger, and following the american laws like he patriot act with anti teror act etc RADICAL

Compounding the complexity of the challenge is the unfortunate fact that the hardcore militants who pose the greatest risk are almost certainly immune from any strategy that police and governments can devise.
So its admitted that the greatest risk is almost certainly immune from any strategy!

Sageman, the pre-eminent expert on radicalisation theory, is a former CIA mujaheddin handler in Pakistan, now a psychologist and author of two books, Understanding Terror Networks and Leaderless Jihad. After studying 165 jihadists, Sageman is adamant that terrorists are not born but made. There is no psychological profile of a terrorist and Sageman believes "root causes" such as socioeconomic deprivation are overrated. The most common factor in the making of a terrorist is alienation. Of the jihadists Sageman studied, he found that "a remarkable 78 per cent were cut off from their cultural and social origins". He concludes "this absence of connection is a necessary condition fora network of people to join the global jihad".
So a Former Handler or Terrorists , Creator of the current perpetuated threat, stated that 73% of there trained puppets "terrorist Murderers" are somehow experincing a 100% necicety condition for a network of people to join the puppets, when in fact this statement shows their hypocracy, somehow 27% of people who are freethinking people with strong values to family friends that wich to support there family and friends or even unknown people suffering are someone automatically puppets as well, this is the real joke on you! as its revealed to you that 73% are 100% puppets and the 27% are awakening conciousness which have to be put in the same boat as there the real targets all along and the created puppets were always under control of the elite and used as an excuse to lable you and other free thinkers are terorists

Sageman's theory is borne out by the militants of Indonesia's Jemaah Islamiah, who embraced terrorism while living in exile in Malaysia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is also illustrated by the Melbourne terror cell led by cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika, who was convicted with six of his followers last year. His conviction has been appealed. Benbrika's acolytes were mostly second-generation sons of Lebanese families, caught between the cultures of their forebears and an Australian milieu they spurned. The theory can equally be applied to the troubled sons of Somali refugees in Australia, described in their community as "the lost ones", isolated from their native cultures and unable to adapt in their adopted home.
Lost ones... are now aparently are terorists, if you are disillusioned with society, the elite corrupt government, the harm and danger caused by elite abominations your a terorist as one must totally submit and accept elite authority actions and implimentations unquestionably.

Victoria Police intelligence analyst Gaetano Ilardi, in a paper written after the Benbrika case, says joining a jihadist group gives individuals "a sense of empowerment, control and purpose". The conviction that they are "performing God's work" elevates their sense of confidence and self-worth. And believing they are "involved in and able to exert influence over grand events" enhances a new sense of identity and superiority over others.
Here its said that Extremists are following Religious Ideals and FOLLOW or Join a Group! in 2 paragraphs down they say the OPPOSITE!

Sageman adds they are not violent psychopaths but "generally idealistic young people seeking dreams of glory fighting for justice and fairness".
See Idealistic Young people seeking Justice and Fairness are the real terrorists, the real threat to the elite.!

Most of the present crop of homegrown extremists are not drafted through a conventional top-down process but are self-recruited and, significantly, self-radicalised. The internet plays a crucial part. Increasingly they rely not on the advice of a local preacher but on Sheik Google, the mass of virtual ideology on the web that sanctions the use of violence in the name of Islam.
No longer recruited by a Religious leader as 2 paragraphs above, now there Self Awakening so much can change in 2 paragraphs! From Religious Leaders Recruiting people in to Jihadist Groups, to Individuals doing there own Rea search! now Google Rea searchers are terrorists with out any Affiliation to any Jihadist Group!

Ilardi writes that reliance on radical literature and media is a feature common to all homegrown terrorists, and that it enables a "cognitive transformation" that takes place during the radicalisation process. Visiting extremist websites brimming with descriptions and images of suffering Muslims instils a sense of outrage and perception of crisis, and provides a reference and rallying point around which the individual's new identity can crystallise. This is a crucial step in his "journey from unremarkable citizen to someone who has internalised a belief system which makes violence a duty of the highest order".
Visiting TRUTH websites showing the Atrocities of the Elite is to be abolished so no one may no the Truth about the Elite Atrocities, Murder, Rape, torture! no longer do facts count if the elite dont like the TRUTH! Crystallizing Consciousness to be Devoted to the Renunciation of Elite Crimes and abominations, this is the Crucial Step the Elite are Focused on to change everyone's Belief, in to submitting accepting the Elites way as the only way!. Rebellion Revolution, Freedom, and Truth will not be tollerated by the Elite!

Ilardi says would-be jihadists are further fortified by their contempt for secular law, which allows them to justify criminal activities such as car rebirthing and credit card fraud as a means of raising funds. This disdain for man-made laws is also seen in the behaviour of accused militants who refuse to recognise the authority of secular courts. Two of the men who appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court this week refused to stand, declaring "I only stand before God". Irrespective of their guilt or innocence, Ilardi writes in this earlier paper that such attitudes are a "powerful outward manifestation of the group's transition from rhetoric to action, (and) an overt expression of one's commitment to jihad and renunciation of the legitimacy of the state and its secular laws andinstitutions".
Secular Law, Dose not Trump Natural Universal Truth, Secular law is Mans Elite Law to Dominate and enforce total Slavery and submission, Used by the Patriarchial Elite to Enforce Submission and Acceptance of the Elites Stratigy to destroy our way, Universal Truth is RTA the oldest unbreakable truths that will always trump mans ignorant attempts to immitate the devine with patriarchial god like immitations

This much is known about the process of radicalisation. Figuring out how to stop it is much less clear.
So whats Known is THEY CREATED TERORISTS, They Fear Conscioussness, They are Devoted to the Supression of Truth including Atrocities comitted under or by the direction of the corrupt abominable Elite, They are Targeting YOU, and all Free thinking Consciouss Human Beings who strive for Equality, Truth, Transparency, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY FREEDOM!

The British government has led the way with its 175-page Strategy for Countering International Terrorism. It has four prongs: prevent, pursue, protect and prepare. Its focus is on confronting militant ideology head-on through initiatives such as the London-based Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism think tank and website. This reflects the now accepted wisdom that Britain's former approach of tolerating Islamic extremists only helped foster the terrorists within.
Lead the way with CCTV in private homes, RFID in hospitals nightclubs, Shooting Truthers down on Trains, Labling Free thinkers as terorists, and bringing in the Big Brother State!

Australia's efforts thus far have been mainly through the National Action Plan to Build on Social Cohesion, Harmony and Security, under which $41 million has been allocated for projects to promote integration and community building through employment, education, sports, the arts, and mentoring programs. But the all-important task of tackling Islamist ideology has been the focus of far more talk than action.
Over 2000 Australians have been taken by the Government, Never telling Family or Friends why or under what charges they have been taken for, over 20,000 ECT mind wipe "Treatments" are Forced on Australians every year, but your allowed one phone call to say I AM SAFE now, so progress really is along the elites goals and stratigic plans of Consciousness supression

Police forces across Australia have been proactive, with several, including the federal, NSW and Victorian, establishing contact units to promote engagement and build bridges with at-risk communities.
Really... Bridges? why do bridges need to be built? dose the elite puppet government see themselves removed from their own people so much that they need bridges to reunite them to their own people? i live in australia and ive seen no such bridges, only Supression, Enforcement, Cerveilance, and Interventions, 100% in the Elites Favor... there is no 1/2 way with the elite its there way or forced there way, agree pasivly to follow or forced to submit...

The NSW Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command has devised a model for community engagement that forms the basis of a nascent counter-radicalisation strategy. The model is based on a series of four concentric circles, at the centre of which are two groups identified as the prime targets for counter-radicalisation. The innermost circle consists of people deemed to be radicals -- those at the end point of the radicalisation process -- defined as individuals who are "prepared, directly or indirectly, to advance a political, religious or ideological cause through threats or actions". The next circle contains the extremists, individuals who passively support the advancement of such a cause through the threats or actions of others.
Under this Description my Blod is a Terorist Blog, Prepaired Directly or Indirectly to Advance Political Religious or Ideology Cause through the Advancement of such a cause through ACTIONS like Blogging talking to people and sharing the TRUTH, I AM A RADICAL THEN AND PROUD OF IT! this is almost a laughable joke if it was not so serious!

The NSW model defines counter-radicalisation as "an early intervention strategy, system or process aimed at preventing or inhibiting radicalisation", but stops short of stating just how this should be done.
Yeah stops short in saying how this will be done, because the elite are SCARED to explain Stratifgic Percicution thats implimented and being implimented knowing fully the revoloution it will cause when the people are fully aware and awaken to the Elite Abomination Targeting them to destroy there way!

It also acknowledges the limitations of this approach, noting that "participation would be voluntary" and, in the case of people already radicalised, "there would be little possibility of obtaining their voluntary collaboration for the purpose of de-radicalisation".

The grim truth is that by the time an individual has completed the path to radicalisation and embraced the cause of violent jihad, it is almost certainly too late.

"For some people nothing will work," says O'Brien. "Governments have to accept that there (are) a certain number of people who, no matter what they do, it's never going to be enough."
What is the point of this? to admitt Defeat? or to ask and persuade that more strigent methods of Eradication will be Required for victory? Holicaust anyone?

The NSW model highlights continuing disagreements that have snagged attempts to forge a uniform national approach. State and commonwealth police and security agencies have been unable to agree on terminology, with some agencies reversing the use of terms so that a radical is deemed to be someone at the start of the process and an extremist is someone at the end.
This is because a lot of Police are still fighting for the RIGHT resons, FREEDOM TRUTH TRANSPARENCY EQUALITY ETC!, the Elites have not brainwashed and con-sence-us "conned enough police sences" to have the police agreewith and enforce the elites goal at the current moment, more Brainwashing and indoctrination is required in the police force to enable the police to assult kill main persue target harass monator, lock up, persicute, more people the elite want them to without questioning the law or standing up for the innocent people!
Salute O7 to all the Police officers who are holding the elites atrocities at bay currently! Australian Civilization ows a lot of you more than most of you relize in protecting us "THE PEOPLE" from the elites stratigic plans to Enslave and Cull our non Elite bloodlines

Discussions about language have dominated much of the recent counter-terrorism debate.
Yes the Elites are Tripping up on them selves as they truy and get Millitary and Police to construct the mindset needed to have them target the civilian population with extreme unjustified force! the Protectors of society are currently the Police and Millitary who are standing firm on Morality and Human Rights!

In the US, the "war on terror" rhetoric has been conspicuously abandoned. President Barack Obama's principal adviser on counter-terrorism, John Brennan, told the Centre for Strategic and International Studies on Thursday that references to a global war and a jihadonly play into "the warped narrative that al-Qa'ida propagates".
SAME GAME NEW MASK! if anything the War has been Esculated, twice the numbers of Troops, Twice the numbers of Casualties, TEN TIMES the number of civillians Awakening

Here, the Attorney-General is funding the Lexicon of Terrorism Project by Victoria Police to examine the use of terrorism related language and "its possible impact on community harmony". Its goal is to "construct a dictionary identifying alternative styles and modes oflanguage".
"Its possibel impact on Community Harmony" yep the language is going to be so blatently obvious that the real targets are consciouss human beings awakening to the truth that its bound to cause a big impact on community harmony!

Acknowledging the sensitivity about language, the NSW Police notes that its model "does not refer to religion or specify any particular community group as that is considered counterproductive in terms of reversing any sense of alienation or marginalisation".
See all this talk about Muslim Jihadists is a cover, in FACT there is no talk of Religion in the law of police handbooks being compiled, the terrorist descriptions are targeted at free thinkers, and rebelion, Questioning Elite Government involvement in Murder, Terorism, Atrocities so far removed from normal society most people find the truth about the government elite unpalatable so ghastly the nightmair is questioned by reality its self as being to far removed and cant possible be reality... can it? eventually people awaken and devote them selves to stopping elite atrocities and this rebellion is the ELITES WORST AND MOST PREDOMINANT THREAT THEY FACE, PEOPLE FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM EQUALITY TRUTH AND INDIVIDUAL MORALITY AND RIGHTS!

For some, this smacks of political correctness.
Yes it dose, they have tried so hard to make it palatable for the people, and still they fale, its obvious to anyone who reasearched this Fake Terror Scam, what the real agenda is and who the real elite are...

"I don't accept that approach," Bergin says. "The perpetrators of these attacks -- from London to New York to Melbourne -- the political agenda they are running is Islamism. So it doesn't help to not identify it as what it is. If you don't call it what it is, the risk is that people in those communities won't see it as a problem.
The Religious Inquisitions called Free thiniing Consciousness as Demonic Rebellion,
The Pharmacratic Inquisition called the Free thinking Consciousness as Mentally Insane
The Government Inquisition called the Free Thiniing consciousness as Terorists
Same Game new Lables

"The movement itself talks about Islamism as the driving force behind their actions. So if the people responsible for all the main terrorist attacks since September 11 are subscribing to a particular political agenda of Islamism and using the word jihad for armed struggle, then how does it advance our interest not to accept them at their own word?"
Jihad (pronounced /dʒɪˈhɑːd/; Arabic: جهاد‎ [dʒiˈhæːd]), an Islamic term, is a religious duty of Muslims. In Arabic, the word jihād is a noun meaning "struggle." Jihad appears frequently in the Qur'an and common usage as the idiomatic expression "striving in the way of Allah (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)".[1][2] A person engaged in jihad is called a mujahid, the plural is mujahideen.
Simply the Use of Language is an Abomination, used to brainwash people in to targeting islamic Faith, while i do not Support Islamic or any Abrahamic Patriarchial God Religion of the West, i will not Target someone who is Devoted to the Striving Struggle against Opression!

Bergin believes Australia should follow Britain's lead and grab the bull of Islamist ideology by the horns. He advocates initiatives such as mentoring schemes for young Muslims, funding moderate Islamic websites to "drown out the extremist message", and setting up a telephone and internet hotline such as one in Britain linked to Egypt's eminent Al-Azhar University to provide advice on the true meaning of Islamic texts.

No one underestimates the difficulty of the task. Studies across the world show that those who have embraced the jihadist narrative do not live in the same world as the rest of us. They inhabit what Sageman calls an imagined "ideal virtual community" where death and fighting are glorified and worldly concerns have no meaning. They see themselves not as terrorists but as freedom fighters or revolutionaries.
Bullshit Retoric, Jihadists as noted above are DEVOTED TO OPPOSING OPRESSION

Ilardi says: "Once these individuals perceive themselves as jihadis, this identity takes precedence over all other forms of perception of self." They see themselves as the creme de la creme, "the most spiritually advanced and righteous of all Muslims".
No this is more Bullshit Retoric, the fact is the reson the Elite fear the Consciouss so much is because they will sacrifice them selves to SAVE OTHERS!, like jumping infront of a bullet to safe someone, 100% devoted to Freedom Truth Transparency, Do you ever remember seeing Amrosi or any of the other terorists who have been put on trial proclaiming to be God? Proclaiming them selves to be the most enlightened Religious leader? Proclaiming themselves to be the most spiritually advanced ? THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED! ITS BULLSHIT RETORIC, however Rightiousness is the essence of the cause, Truth and being on the right side of Morality! reguardless of the cost... it is better to die fighting the abomination that to become the abomination... better to die supressed and enslaved with ones conciousness spirit intact and defiant than to corrupt ones inner soul!

It is this disconnection from the real world that makes them effectively immune to any counter-radicalisation approach. In Sageman's words: "They become embedded in a socially disembedded network, which, precisely because of its lack of any anchor to any society, is free to follow abstract and apocalyptic notions of a global war between good and evil."
This is total BULLSHIT as well, Simple Fact if there is no Opression, there is no Jihadists! stop the Opression and the Jihadists disapear! Offer the Jihadists a Soloution thats acceptable to all parties and the Opression is resolved, however this is made clear that there is no chance of opression being stopped so jihadists will remain untill total opression is sucessfull!
the real target is conciousness tho! and only when every human being accepts total submission to the elite will jihadists be disembeled, there will be no negotiation, no comparison, no acceptance of the way of conciousness for non elite bloodlines, this is the goal, this goal will not be changed dropped or comprimised, total victory at all costs is the goal of the elite!

Those who have gone this far are a lost cause. But there is still hope for those who have not yet reached the end of the path to radicalisation.
Lost Cause, No more Explination, no more talk on how to deal with lost causes, i guess the current program of making them disapear is working fine for the elite...

"It's almost like a bell-shaped curve," says O'Brien. "At one end you've got people who will never be radicalised because they're quite Western. At the other end you have people who'll never be de-radicalised because they want an Islamic state. In the middle you've got a whole chunk of people who might be affected (by counter-radicalisation). But it's got to be a whole-of-government approach."
I am 100% western, and i am 100% radicalised by this description, even tho i am 0% muslim...

He says Australia has a long way to go. "There needs to be a point where you transition from getting a load of good ideas to actually doing something. They need to get to the stage where they have a well thought-out policy. I think they're getting there but they're not there yet".
The Ideas Came from the Elite Via allies and the United Nations, The Indoctrination is going SLOW, and while the Elite have trillions of $Dollars, Global Manpower, Work Tirelessly to impliment a Miriad of Stratigies and implimentations working tirelessly for this goal of total enforced submission and dominance that is inescapable!

Sally Neighbour is a senior contributor to The Australian and a reporter on ABC1's Four Corners. She is the author of In the Shadow of Swords: On the Trail of Terrorism from Afghanistan to Australia.

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