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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vedic, Veda, Deva, The Oldest Wisest Culture Continuing Truth

Vedic, Veda, Deva, The Oldest Wisest Culture Continuing Truth
It Shows how much the Western Patriarchal Elite not only Caused the Dark ages by their Iconoclasm inquisition's strategic suppression and destruction of truth, but it shows how the west has a pattern of first suppressing then claiming credit for something the east and free cultures have known about all along, its only the brainwashed submissive westerners who "BELIEVE THE ILLUSION THEY NEED TO REINFORCE TO ACCEPT SUBMISSION TO THE PATRIARCHAL ELITE BLOODLINES THAT RULE OVER THE SLAVES"

Please KNOW that the vedic culture experiences THOUSANDS of years of civilised peace before Enki came along and his descendants the Anunnaki began their holy sea, flooding other cultures freedom, corrupting consciousness, perpetuating domination, and enforcing submission

We "the human race" need to go back to the old ways of vedic peaceful intelligent creative free culture, and free ourselves and future generations from the corrupt abomination that is arrogantly calling for a new world order...

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