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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Megiddo Gods of the New age revealed as the dark excuse the dark elite patriarch is using

Revealing the Dogmatic Delusions that have been continually enforced as the main way to get the people to accept submission to Patriarchal Global Domination, This is the Psychopathic Utopia the Bloodline of Enki has continued to focus on with the "At all costs of non blood linage mentality", Here you can piece together some of the dots that explanation why the Western Blood linage Patriarch was First considered a GOD, how that "MAN PATRIARCH GOD TITLE" has and is morphing in an effort to reveal and have the world accept and submit to open global patriarchal domination, explaining the delusions why and how religion is and has been used to manipulate the people in to patriarchal submission, and how its being used to pacify people in to "Having faith that GOD or Jesus will fix it if we let the anti-Christ make and rule a global governing total dominating force! DONT BE FOOLED!

Gods of the New Age 1984

Megiddo The Omega Code 2

The March to Armageddon

The New Age

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