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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Support the Jew Support the Israeli Defeat their Zionist Corrupt Abominable Elite

Support the Israelis who are Fighting against the Corrupt Elite

Its a Shame that if i say what the Israeli Military Troops say about their own Elite i get called Anti Semitic, The Hypocrisy dose not work when Jews ask for the Jewish leaders to be lynched tho...

Do not be Fooled by your own Countries Media, every Nation, every Group is awakening to the infiltration of their groups and organizations, politics even religions by domination corrupt abominations attempting to rule and control as "Elite" above "over-humanity", Every one is rebelling against the Abominations

Do not allow their Labeling, Their anti-Semitic Rhetoric Fool you, The people are waking up and are DEFENDING FREEDOM from the Abominable Elite, the Elite who seek to Destroy the Freedom way of life are the enemy and they are global Elite set on Blood Linage Psychopathic Utopian Vision to have peace when all non Bloods are Subdued and our non blood way is destroyed! aka A New World Order...

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