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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Shundrallah Magazine Issue #1 "Comming Soon!"

  • 100% FREE "Always as Morality Demands the Moral NEVER COVER UP or RESTRICT THE TRUTH!"
  • 100% Free Video Documentaries, Music & Articles "all inside Each Issue"
  • Past Articles Revamped
  • New Bonus Articles "From New Website Edition"
  • Sneak Peaks and Advanced Insight of "Up-coming Book(s) Releases"
  • Comments, Reviews and Highlights "Those who Support and Forward Shundrallah Truth to their own Readers, Listeners, Friends & Families..." Spotlight on the Silent Hero's of Truth
  •  New Product Reviews, From our Sponsors, Advertisers, Partners, and Affiliates to our own line of NEW Products coming to the new Site Shop "Prints, Printed PDF-Ebooks and E-Pub Magazines, Natural Health Kapikacchu, Barley Sprout Root, and many more... "Note we only charge for Physical Objects that Cost Extra, Information is always 100% FREE"
  • The New Magazines will also have Some Advanced Features, like a Breaking news Feed, Advertising Feed, New Product Feeds, New Issue(s) Feed, that will all update... So now if your E-Pubs 4 years old its still getting the latest breaking news and letting you no what the new products are even new issues out, infact the second last page of every issue will tell you when the next issue(s) are available and you can click the link for immediate Download to get the new issue without any extra links or programs! all to make the Truth Easier for you to follow and stay up to date!
  • All "Shundrallah Magazine Issues" will be Copyright, but no Cost associated, so Feel Free to Share, Distribute Freely... Set the Truth Free!

Please Do not worry Shundrallah will still have all of our Information Available HTML on the Web, "The New Website will have Video, Music, Picture, and Ebook Libraries all 100% free to Download We will also be offering PDF and E-PUB soon "FREE DOWNLOADS FROM OUR SITE LINK and Available in Itunes, Nook, Android, possibly Amazon if we can also arrange the Kindle format, along with a Smartphone App with many Advanced Features and Options "will Expand on the upcoming App soon"

Also we would like to give a BIG THANKYOU to all the Followers, Members, and Contributors, even if you just made a comment or passed on some info or a tip,
THANKYOU from Shundrallah!
"In Honor of those who have participated in the shundrallah Project over the last 4 years we will be including many of your comments and contributions in the upcoming issues, So please keep taking part in sharing the truth if you haven't already!

Unless if Breaking News, all New Articles , Video Documentaries, and Music will go towards to the Issues and be Put Online from the Day the Issue is Released....

The only Articles i plan to Finish is the DOD-Disney-Gates Docuemtary... With the Full video, Currently only Part 1 Is Released... Expect the Rest of that Docuemntary to Release and from then Wait for the Big Release Issue :)

With almost 100,000 Readers, and Doing this all by my self has been a great Journey...
But its just beginning GET READY FOR SECOND GEAR...!!! Things are about to Change and Rampup in a big way... "I would love to have the First Issue Release as part of the 100,000th Reader Joins us Celebration's...There will be a party!"

 Stop Zionism!

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