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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hone Harawira "Dragon seen in Action!"

When Every One is Represented in Politics by people like this Dragon Hone Harawira
there will be no need for politics! 
nor any of their Shite Dribbling Minions!

The Wave of Morality is bubbling away...
Soon it will Unleash and the Immoral Cleanup will Begin.
Be Sure to Save Plenty of Rope! for the Immoral Ones and their willing Minions...
So to will any of their minions who continue to follow the Immoral, 

It could be Over in under a Week...
Nibiru the Crossing is coming Closer...
Soon be Time to Send all the Immoral to Oblivion and Detatch them from the Emminatables YOU!
So the Immoral No longer Parasitically Feed on YOU!
and Suck YOUR Energy, "Life Force", Time,
Stop being Tricked, Fooled, Conned and Swindled in this Archaic War!
Then Finally the 5500yr war will be over,
and the MORAL will live Responsibly MORAL 
in TOTAL MORAL FREEDOM, Peace and Tranquil Equality!

 Stop Zionism!

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