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Friday, February 15, 2013

Pete Santilli Aka Shite Pantilli is at it again, THREATENING LADIES WITH HIS PSYCHOPATHY! Its about time those who left Alex Jth pete Decide will they stay with Pantillis Immorality and Back him, its their choice now!

Pete Santilli Exposed for the 4th Time

Pete Santilli is a Psychopath

Pete Threatening to Beat up a Paraplegic

Pete Spams Vulgar Emails for EXPOSING HIM!

Pete Making DEATH THREATS to Hatrick and Sheria
Pete Also admits to being involved with SETTING UP BEFORE ITS NEWS VIDEO STREAM
Pete is also identified as a US MARINE PSY-OP DISINFO AGENT WITH HIGH SECURITY CLEARANCE, which he has not denied
Pete Claimed when Alex Jones had bad info he sent in an email for Corrections, PETE HAS NEVER MADE ONE CORRECTION HE KNOWS THE TRUTH IS OUT ABOUT HIM!

This is about Pete Santillis Moral Integrity Failure and Perpetuating IMMORALITY
Pete has made his choice to turn his back on infinite, he will Fade away in to Oblivion...
Your Choice, the information and Moral Infinite Logic is Explained, your choice to Align with Immortality or your Final End as you Fade in to Oblivion for Ever gone...
Pete Cant MAKE you Chose Immorality, by Chosing to Support and Follow someone Perpetuating this kind of Immorality you are chosing to Support Immorality and you chose to turn your back on the Infinate Moral Foundation that will support your existance after your body is gone...
No one can make this choice for you, its your infinity Pete is sucking and attacking him self to, your choice to feed him or let him fade in to Oblivion and meet his final End... to restore Moral Equality and Peace YOU NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE... if MORALITY what you want to fight for to RETAIN YOUR OWN MORAL INFINITY, or if you will CHOSE to turn your back on Morality and Support Perpetrators of Immorality? "This MORAL TRUTH Terrifies Pantilli, Even bringing it up will have him lash out on you so please be prepared and ready for the backlash, when any immoral ones are confronted with the Reality of their FINAL END it brings a wave of fear and terror on to the immoral when they come to the realization that Logically Immoral Finite Ends, and Moral Infinite becomes Immortal, and their own actions and Choices have lead them to a FINAL END where No one will ever remember them in time as the moral chose to detatch and not perpetuate the immoral emminations they cease to be sustained, with nothing to sustain them they reach the point of FINAL DEATH where their consciousness has no more moments awareness or emminations and effectively the immoral are gone for ever when unattached, the moral meanwhile fight and detach the immoral for ETERNITY as they are infinite aligned with moral infinity!"

 Stop Zionism!

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