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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Peter the Roman to be Officially Chosen in march, Peter Turkson? Right on Time for RFID roleout... Crusade?

The Correlation between Easter 2013, the New Last Pope Peter the Roman, and the RFID implementation in America by March 23 2013 is a lining up of global events around the next 2 months , Baracuda has also pointed out some major Financial Risks people are taking that the market will go Nuts over the next 2 months, its it worth noting that after these 4 events lining up, there is no more BIG PLANNED DATES lining up by the immoral bloodline for years, "Not Until Around 2016" until so many of their individual GLOBAL plans the Ruling Western Elite Bloodline have been working on implementation for years all collide to be fulfilled in a short period of time...
"Most of the 2016-2020 Big Dates are much more to do with new Military Tech being implemented, and the West gets their Foot in to a BRIC country with the Olympics in Brazil... thats where it will start according to all the olympic Nuke propaganda, and Birth of an Egg at China, a Baby and Phoenix Rising in London and the new lord rising in Brazil "according to the Jesuit plan Israel would be Facing its Planned Zionism Outcome by that stage... Correlating shortly after the LAST POPE takes power... "WHEN ALL THE ARMIES OF THE WORLD COME TO MEGIDDO UNDER ONE WORLD RULER!"
This current 2013 stage is not WW3, its the internal security stage, cracking down on DOMESTIC CONTROL "Internet, RFID Tracking", and SOFT ANNEXING of Bordering Countries Destabilized" so when the new ADVANCED MILITARY TECH is rolled out over the next 8 years, starting in 4 years, the population, Troops, Enforcers, Psy-Ops, Tracking is all in place for the Elite Bloodline to Retain Control in a GLOBAL CONTROLLED DEMOLITION AND RESTRUCTURING of the GLOBAL AUTHORITY CONTROL SYSTEM, RESTRUCTURING FOR WW3 "Annunaki Western Bloodline V's the BRIC alliance" starting between 2016 and 2020, The Time between now and 2016 is about RFID Control Via Obama's American "BY LAW IN CONGRESS" RFID implementation, and then the New POPE PETER will say America is a shining example all Christians will get chipped and then begin a Crusade through Africa, and the middle east to Annex-Chip those Areas on to the European-American Western Bloodline Powerbase INCLUDING ISRAEL... "To Fight a WAR with BRAINWASHED RFID CHIPPED PAWNS that being YOU once they RFID chip you, sent mindlessly as FODDER to fight the BRIC alliance who is STANDING UP FOR GLOBAL MORAL FREEDOM FOR ALL!

 Stop Zionism!

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