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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Occupy Corporatism! 100% Original, Transparency, Honesty & Integrity.

I would like to Inform Shundrallah Readers of some important News, and Updates

Before we get in to the Facts, lets Clarify Shundrallah's Relation Ship to Occupy Corporatism, Susane & Dave Posel...
I had seen there Site and information for a while, and because of their association with alex jones i basically ignored them originally..
When Occupy Corporatism left Genesis because of Alex Jones Censorship
they Left with Pete Santilli...
Now many of the Independant Truthers started looking in to the change to sus them out, from Hatrick penry, to the Gurilla News Network, "and many many others" People who know and dont mind being tracked touch the initiative to go sus out the new guys claiming to be independent...

During this time i was receiving communications from pete that exposed his Deception, telling his listeners one thing "claiming he had nothing to do with before its news" then in email telling me his setting up their video stream Chanel... "This has all been exposed along with pete santilli making death threats to 4 people, and deliberate lies about many people, read about it all i made everything transparent in other articles including all emails, so everyone knows the kind of Psychopath Pete Santilli is..."

Satanists started attacking Trolling Susane Posel "One in particular BOB TUSKIN" was being supported by Satanists actively and openly, i went to Bob Tuskins Chat room a few times and posted my Troll Slaying Article he since apologized, stopped trolling and hasn't trolled since... no hard feelings Bob...

Well long story short, Pete Santilli was Exposed as a Military Psy-Ops Payed Disinfo Agent with USA MILITARY SECURITY CLEARANCE who worked on the REX84 "USA MARTIAL LAW TAKE OVER PLAN..." Since all this came out at the start of the year pete santilli went from over 50,000 listeners a day to under 1000, the truth will set everyone free from the manipulation of puppet masters... It Seems only Brainwashed Cult members or Psychopathic Hangers on are still involving themselves with Pete Santilli now...

The Sharks Came out, Pete Santilli Tried to Go Fishing for the Immoral Bloodline and his Hooks were Bent off by the Experience and MORAL STRENGTH of the Sharks who are now circling...
The Truth is Morally i will defend anyone, morally people will defend them selves from pete santilli, and morally i can not defend pete santilli, so when the other sharks come to pete with Extra Rope for the 1381 History Repeating its self, hanging of the Immoral Bloodline and their Minions, NO ONE WILL MORALLY STOP THEM, i will personally watch pete santilli hang... i think other people have a far more moral claim to put the rope around his neck, morally i wont be forced to defend him as it will be the ones hanging him in the moral defense of petes immoral attacks and deliberate immoral deception that will be the reckoning coming... Pete is protected now by the System, Government who pays and employs him, the Boat will only protect you so long pete, a Storms coming and the systems going to be kicked out, your boat will capsize and you will join us in the ocean unprotected by your masters, the sharks will rip you apart... and pete santilli is TERRIFIED because he knows his facing Oblivion "his final Life-Force End" because of his Immoral CHOICES AND ACTIONS!

However the Occupy Corporatism Website is Independently Run by Susane & Dave Posel and they have Cut all Ties and Associations with Pete santilli, and no Facts have linked them to anything bad or Corrupt apart from their previous association with alex jones and pete santilli, their is no skeletons i have found in their closet...

Because of the Choices and more importantly ACTIONS of Susane Posel, its not just me, its almost the Entire Independent Truth Movement Community has Embraced Occupy Corporatism, as a Reliable alternate Source of Information... "Having More Readers and Listeners now then ever before"

Most of the Focus for Occupy Corporatism is focused on USA political Relationship to Globalists, Martial Law, Fema, Agenda 21, United Nations Sovereignty Takeovers, Police Brutality, Big Pharma, and Technology etc
Occupy Corporatism also have a Weekend Radio Show

Firstly i have Reported previously that the Occupy corporatism Website was started the same Day Satanists Co-opted the Occupy Wall-Street Protests, 7th Dec 2011, This is a Coincidence...
Nothing Else Connects Occupy Corporatism with or to Occupy Wall-Street...
I have spoken to Susanne Posel and Dave Posel "many times previously, however recently i have received some important Clarifications"

From: Susanne Posel>

Hi Shun,
I have NEVER been associated with OWS. The last time I was in NY  I was 4 years old visiting family.
Pete is a lot dirtier than you have figured out. I have REAL dirt on him. I have left his show.

I had previously linked a Video Readers brought to my attention about the OWS "Occupy Wallstreet" protests Co-Opting and asked if Susane Posel was involved... "above you can read she is not involved"
Susane Posel has been Polite and Honest through out the entire time i have known her...
Even during all the Shit Pete Santilli was involved in...

I have no problem admitting when i am wrong, and saying Sorry...
"Officially From Shundrallah , John McAlpine would like to apologize for any flack caused from linking that Video in Association with Occupy Corporatism and Susane Posel, i have No Evidence or Facts to Doubt Susane Posels word, and from her above reply on the matter i must make the correction for all readers"

Officially Shundrallah is Not Payed, has never been payed "From anyone for that matter" 
nor have i received any donations "From anyone again for that matter"
Shundrallah is Supporting Occupy Corporatism Purely because of their INTEGRITY, 
Calculated from their ACTIONS!
Throughout my entire Dealings with them both Susane & Dave have had 
the Highest Standard of Morality and ALWAYS ACTED ACCORDINGLY

I spent many hours one evening talking to Dave Posel about Eastern Philosophy, He is a Very Wise and Experienced being who in my opinion is one of the few i have ever encountered to really KNOW the RTA!
For this Reason, and the Fact that Susane & Dave Posel have only ever acted Morally!
Shundrallah Supports Occupy Corporatism 100%
And until i have Factual Evidence of the contrary i will continue to defend all moral people who have integrity... "Especially those Active and Acting in the Truth Movement Area!" 

 Stop Zionism!