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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Who is Shundrallah ?

Shundrallah is a Combinations of Words

Shundrallah = Shun Dral Lah
Shun = Be Aware, Escape, Avoid, Elude, Eschew, Break away, Boldly Defiant of
Dral = Ignorance, Belief, Ego, Delusion, Illusion, Corruption, Obfuscation, Darkness, Confusion, Domination, Control, Manipulation, Deceit, propaganda
Lah = Please and Thank you

Please Be Aware, Escape, Avoid, Elude, Eschew, Break Away, Boldly Defiant of Ignorance, Belief, Ego, Delusion, Illusion, Corruption, Obfuscation, Darkness, Confusion, Domination, Control, Manipulation, Deceit, Propaganda. Thank you

Shundrallah = Aware, Growing, Responsible, Transparent, Truth, Equality, Respect, Freedom, Honest, and Knowing
If someone is Anti Shundrallah they are Dral

Dral is Immorality in all its forms and masks
Shundrallah is the Defense of ALL INNOCENT against DRAL "IMMORAL ACTIONS"

The Morality in Action is Better Defined in Ancient Sanskrit Texts
Kama, Daan, Rta, Amrita

Or in the 1381 Peasant Revolution where the People united and Secured Equal Dignity for all! and removed the Nobility's Right of the first night "to take your children's virginity" after hanging the Top Nobles from the tower of London


  "consider that now the time is come, appointed to us by God, in which ye may, if ye will, cast off the yoke of bondage, and recover liberty.
 riddeth out thereof such evil weeds as choke and destroy the good corn, you may destroy first the great lords of the realm, and after, the judges and lawyers, and questmongers, and all other who have undertaken to be against the commons.
 procure peace
 by dispatching out of the way the great men, there shall be an equality in liberty, and no difference in degrees of nobility; but lika dignity and equal authority in all things brought in among you." -John Ball

The Shundrallah Concept was made by my self
John McAlpine 1984

John McAlpine is the Inventor of the AWG, Atmospheric Water generator
Creates Water From Air, and Free Electricity, Zero Pollution, Zero Upkeep once made
Currently under Contract and Confidentiality agreement so i can not report the specifics on this project

I have also invented 3 other Inventions
Magnet Motor, has been offered a contract  that was not accepted for the time being
Wave Field Technology, TR-3B Field Engine, works as a Field Distorter, Invisibility, Levitation, Shields "Cross of Stan Deo's work and Rupert Sheldrake with the Vedic Rta Emanations as a more accurate Field-akasha terminology"
Wave Field Second Sound Floating Multiprocessor Computing "Works more effective then Quantum Computing"

Dealing with Different Governments "Mostly Australian, and American" has shown me these projects are stopped and ultimately controlled by NATIONAL SECURITY
Due to what is Deemed as a "STRATEGIC ENERGY DEFENSE" which has much more to do with the economy and enforcing perpetual control of those in control

Other Projects Include
  • Shundrallah Blog "News & Facts, Technology, Medical, History, Philosophy, Religion, always with a MORAL FOCUS"

  • "New Website" which will include many Features, areas for breaking news, a special affiliates section for other reporters who will be joining and reporting with the new site, historic research, Forum for everyone to share and upload, Music, Video Documentaries, and a large area of files, there will be thousands of free downloads, "Documents, Documentaries & more" 

  • New Shundrallah Magazine, Covering Old Revamped and New Articles, will also include other Regular journalists articles who will be working with the Shundrallah Project's

  • There will also be a line of at least 15 Documentaries Starting to releasing soon

  • I am also Writing 2 Books, One of the History of Morality and Immoral Techniques, and Changing Masks, Tracking through Time to join the Dots that were and still are a Target of Iconoclasm, and Providing Defenses that Work to Protect against and Reveal the Immoral
  • The other Book is on Consciousness Logic Dimensions "Rta Absolute Unfolding Foundation" the stuff that makes 2+2=4 always infinitely.... and how you can discard the false self to align with the MORAL infinity to find Amrita "The Immortal Nectar" to become immortal outside of the Body or its DMT Antenna to the non-Physical where consciousness comes from, as Awareness and Logical Using Consciousness Exists beyond the Driver of the Remote Controlled Toy Car...

  • The Last major project is the "Making Morality Fun and Interactive"
For years i have been working on a way to make learning moral facts and immoral defenses fun, to give people an incentive to learn and help others, The new Site will release this project, along with events and prizes to the most moral, that will come from the community donations, Artists, Copies-Prints or even Originals of Historic Books and Artworks "Already have some Special Surprises" involved in the Global 1381 Moral Movement for EQUALITY, DIGNITY & FREEDOM FOR ALL

I also Dabble in Music & Photography however i never seen to have much time to relax, there is always more people to help...

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