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Monday, May 13, 2013

The Path Past Maya "Illusion" Discovers Rta "Absolute Foundation" to Chose atighnI "Oblivion" V's Amrita "Immortality"

Maya "Illusion" is no Excuse when someone is shown 2+2=4 and they continue to perpetuate 2+2=5 Disinformation... Delusional Parasitic Programing Conditioning you to Sustain the Immoral

When one is Free from Maya Delusional Attachment one becomes aware of Rta, the Absolute Infinite True Foundation of Reality and Existence in all Dimensions

This includes the Non-Physical, Meta-Physical, Thought, Insight Awareness, the Experiences that are not physical but are given words to share and communicate information of the perceived experience

If one is Pure Rta, Only attached BY YOUR CHOICE to the Moral Infinities one attains Amrita "Immortality of Conscious Awareness beyond the life of the physical body" being Perfectly aligned with the immortal infinite foundation "Without Distorting Delusional Maya Attachment" you become Immortal and Infinitely Empowered, Sustained...

If one makes the choice to turn there back on the Foundation "Rta" that Sustains you, then your only life force comes from those immorally parasitically infected with attachment to empower & Sustain Immoral Individuals
Without Immoral Beings Vampirically Sucking energy from others to sustain those in the ABYSS
The Immoral Fade away in to Oblivion to their Final Death Slumber...
Sanskrit अतिघ्नी atighnI Utter Oblivion

This Reality and Battles are more then a Physical Moral fight...
This is a Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Battle of Good V's Evil

This is a Fight for your Souls
The Immoral want to SOUL TRAP YOU through "Shi" Parasitic Programing Turning you from "Mul Conscious Individual" in to "MulKi Living Clay malleable and manipulated by Enki" to save them selves from Oblivion

The moral want to free everyone from Immoral parasitic Delusional attachment so the immorality is no longer perpetuated and the world becomes a good moral dignified place for all without any human caused suffering, pain or inequality

j.n.m ©

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