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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

OMGINSIDER & Eric Christian Olsen "Deeks NCIS:LA" First Mainstream TV Media Twitter Support for Shundrallah

Tonight on the Mainstream TV Media OMG INSIDER has a Guest for Follow up Questions, Eric Christian Olsen "You probably know him as Deeks NCIS: Los Angeles Marty Deeks"

Within Minutes of My Tweeting Question OMG INSIDER Friends me
Eric Drops a NCISLA scoop "Tissues"

It is so Refreshing to Meet Mainstream with Integrity...

Previously i have been asked by "ABC THE INVENTORS" to be on the Show for My AWG Invention "Atmospheric Water Generator" makes Water from air and free electricity with zero pollution, Due to confidentiality a Disclosure was not possible.

Some of the Editors and Investigative Journalists on "ABC24 The Drum" & "RT Russia Today" are good at sharing the Truth Dug up by Independent Journalists, Most lack the Integrity to Stand up to the Editors Censoring them...

Many Independent Journalists Never Censor the Truth and often Share & Support Shundrallah Information like
Australia Matters "First to pick up the NWO in documents and ont he website story"
Adam Kokesh "American Iraq Vet & Freedom Activist" Arranging an ARMED MARCH on WASHINGTON DC on the 4th of July, Thousands are going to march on Congress Armed...
The Higher Side
Occupy Corporatism Susane Posel
Before Its News Syndicates Shundrallah Articles
Red Ice Creations is the ICELANDIC Radio Station Responsible for helping Iceland Escape the Bankers hold on the Nation

Many Music Artists, and Visual Artists are Fully Morally Supporting & Supported by Shundrallah

The Unity that Brings Us Together is the TRANSPARENT MORAL TRUTH

However when Sharing the Truth with all other MAINSTREAM MEDIA the Censorship and Iconoclasm will be Ignored or Banned and Editors Delete the Information showing "Someone in that organization" is knowingly hiding the truth from you, The Same is True for Known Disinformation Agents like Alex Jones, D.Icke, P.Santilli

Do people Care when a Question is Asked and Deliberatly Dodged by the President Barak Obama , or the Australian PM Julia Gillard?
Do people Care when the Mainstream Media Assists in the Iconoclasm Coverup?

UPDATE : Barack Obama Admits less then 0.5% Support the Gun Ban, and is informed the 1381 Question may come from Mainstream

ABC QandA and ABC Insiders would not ask the 1381 questions, are the Nobility worried it will happen again?

So many others were given a Chance... in some cases they were Given Many Chances...
And many will be given more chances... To Make the Moral Choice and share the Truth Transparently, without Censorship or Iconoclasm

There is so much Disinformation , A Far Higher % of PAYED DISINFORMATION in the Mainstream... It is so Refreshing to Meet Mainstream with Integrity...

j.n.m ©

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