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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Port Arthur Shooter Michael Charles Dyson Police Officer Anti-Terror Taskforce! FALCE FLAG to take guns away from australian people

Why Michael Charles Dyson??
by Martin Bryant is Innocent - Michael Charles Dyson shooter at Seascape on Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 3:02am
POINT: The Port Arthur Massacre was a planned event from start to finish.

The actions of the various players such as McCreadie, Groom, Easton, Sale and many others tells us that the Port Arthur Massacre was a terrorist exercise from the start. Every major police member involved with the Port Arthur Massacre had been trained by SAC-PAV, a Federal Government body from the Federal Attorney General’s Department and controlled by the PCSS.

Consider these snippets of information:
“A revised edition of the National Anti-Terrorist Plan endorsed by SAC-PAV in November 1995”

“For example, the effectiveness of the national Anti-Terrorist Plan and particularly the external support provisions was demonstrated during the Port Arthur incident in April 1996.”

“the response arrangements of the National Anti-Terrorist Plan were largely followed by the Tasmanian Authorities in successfully managing the incident.”

So, the plans that Superintendent Bob Fielding signed off on were in fact, part of the National Anti-Terrorist Plan endorsed by SAC-PAV in November 1995. The Plans to accommodate the media, especially with the buses, and the organised tours then also had to be part of the National Anti-Terrorist Plan. The next question is, who wrote these plans?

Consider the career of the retired Tasmania Police Sergeant, Michael Charles Dyson. Michael Charles Dyson joined the Tasmania Police in 1974, and the SOG in 1985. In 1990 as a senior member and the only full-time member of Tasmania Police SOG, Sgt Michael Dyson, at the time with 16 years policing experience, and 5 of those years with the SOG, was seconded to train New Zealand police officers at the New Zealand Police College near Dunedin for their inclusion in their Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) It was reported in New Zealand, that in regard to the Aramoana massacre on the 13th November 1990, “an anti terrorist unit was in the area helping to co-ordinate the scene.” Apparently Sgt Dyson was part of this anti-terrorist team.

Mr Dyson was the Assault Team Commander at Pelverata involved in the shooting death of Joe Gilowitz who was shot by Constable Michael Fogarty.

Interestingly, we learn from the Inquiry transcript, that when Michael Dyson left the SOG unit in 1995 - before the Port Arthur terrorist attack - he was posted to a special section in the Tasmania Police who were involved directly in, “counter terrorist exercises”. It was in this rather covert section, that Dyson spent his remaining time in Tasmania Police, being “involved in the development of the violent incident management plan.” (VIMPs)- “more strategic level and became involved in the overall command of violent incidents which is my passion…”

In other words, Sgt Dyson in the 2000 Royal Commission told us that he was posted to a unit directly involved in ‘ Counter Terrorist exercises’, and that he was involved in that unit’s planning aspect for ‘Violent Incident Management Plan’ the plans mentioned and used by Superintendent Fielding, Geoff Easton, and all the other players in Australia’s worst massacre. Dyson describes his move as a ‘more strategic level’, and then describes his involvement in regard to command of violent incidents as a passion. I would suspect that he means his passion would be in regard to the command and management of violent incidents rather than the victim thereof, so consider this aspect.

In regard to the Port Arthur Massacre, the most violent incident ever to occur within Australia, let alone Tasmania, the first and only time that the Plans for an ‘Anti-Terrorist’ situation were implemented, Sergeant Michael Dyson, the former SOG Assault Team Leader, the only SOG member with any siege experience, was not available to assist the SOG’s in their part of the exercise, and the required drills that had been planned by Dyson.

Dyson would have known the area around Seascape, having previously been involved with the various SOG training exercises carried out in the area, he would have been aware of all the difficulties such as topography and radio communications that would beset the SOG’s, but it appears that Dyson’s passion would not be fulfilled on that particular day or was it?

We are aware that Martin Bryant had a mate with him in Seascape Cottage, a mate called Rick. When we read of the various comments made by Martin in regard to Rick, then we become aware that they were old mates, and perhaps they had even shot together at one of the various shooting ranges in the area. We are also aware that whoever was with Martin, that person was well aware of the various tactics and drills performed by the Tasmania Police SOG’s, and had similar equipment to the SOG’s such as night viewing equipment, and laser sights. This equipment was not discovered in the charred ruins of Seascape Cottage, and so presumably must have left with ‘Rick’.

It is questionable as to why Martin Bryant changed his clothing at least three times, as his clothing on the journey to Port Arthur was different to the clothing worn by the gunman at the Historic Site, and when Martin Bryant emerged from Seascape he was dressed in black. Funnily enough the SOG’S were also dressed in black. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that Rick was also dressed in Black?
But, back to Martin Bryant in Seascape and talking with the Police Negotiator;

Jamie: Yeah, while I’m on the phone um Rick’s wondering how did the ABC actually get in touch with me.

McCarthy: Rick was Rick actually wondering that?

Now this little comment by ‘Jamie’ or Martin Bryant if you wish does tend to demonstrate that he had an easy friendly relationship with Rick, but now consider this little gem

Jamie: Uh well I’m well up til now and the past few twenty seconds. What I’ve actually found out man is that one of your boys is right outside North East I’d say. With an infra-red scope. I’ve got one up here that I’ve found from this person own um owns this property, he’s shining right towards me. If he doesn’t leave can you just ask him to move on, cause he’s gonna shoot he’s trying to shoot he’s gonna shoot your main man.”

Now the questions to be asked here are just who was ‘Jamie’ concerned about getting shot by the SOG marksman, as ‘Jamie’ infers that the target is someone other than himself, and thus more than likely, Rick. But it is the description of the target to the Tasmania Police Negotiator, in that the marksman was going to shoot the Tasmania Police’s main man. That man has to be Rick, and ‘Jamie’ has just told us that Rick was a main member of the Tasmania Police.

My question tonight is, “What is the possibility that the person inside Seascape Cottage with Martin Bryant, aka ‘Jamie, who ‘Jamie’ called Rick actually being a Tasmania Police SOG member by the name of Mick.

Mick even made a FALCE STATEMENT, which is proven to have many holes in it

Wake up, There is an Abomination Insidiously Infesting the Police and Government with Corruption....

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  1. What is the source that Dyson was at the Aramoana massacre?