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Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christ-Mass History of Dec 25 Origination ZAGMUK

Enki : Deception Practice of False King Sacrifice "ZAGMUK" Used to Obfuscate Sexual Ritual Control

Enki, was portrayed as Ninurta's mentor from whom Ninurta was entrusted several powerful Mes, including the Deluge. "Holy Sea"

Ninib = Ninurta means SATURN = Kronos
In Babylon he was called Ninib and was an agricultural deity. Saturn, called Kronos by the Greeks

Mesopotamians. The Mesopotamians believed that their god Marduk would fight a battle against the monsters of chaos, who brough winter, ever year for a period of 12 days.
Zagmuk, as this event was called, required that the Mesopotamian king die at the end of the year and to return with Marduk to battle at his side. The kings of Mesopotamia very early on invented the idea of a “mock” king. This is where a criminal was chosen, dressed in royal clothes, and given all the respect and privileges of a real king. At the end of the celebration the “mock” king was stripped of the royal clothes and slain, sparing the life of the real king. Ironically from this idea of a “mock” king evolved the Babylonian and Persia holiday of Sacaea which is also a celebration of the winter solstice during which the slaves and masters would change places for the duration.

Zagmuk is a Mesopotamian festival celebrated around the winter solstice, which literally means "beginning of the year". It celebrates the triumph of Marduk, the patron deity of Babylon, over the forces of chaos, symbolized in later times by Tiamat. The battle between Marduk and chaos lasts 12 days, as does the festival of Zagmuk. In Uruk the festival was associated with the god An, the Sumerian god of the night sky. Both are essentially equivalent in all respects to the Akkadian "Akitu" festival. In some variations, Marduk is slain by Tiamat and resurrected on the vernal equinox.

In Babylon, the battle was acted out at the royal court with the king playing Marduk, and his son-rescuer as Nabu, the god of writing. Once freed from the powers of the underworld, the king would enact the rite of the Sacred Marriage on the 10th day of the ceremony. During this rite, the king (or En, as he was known in Sumer) would perform sexual intercourse with his spouse, normally a high priestess who had been chosen from among the "naditum," a special class of priestesses who had taken a vow not of celibacy precisely, but of a refusal to bear children. The high priestess was known as the entu, and her ritual act of intercourse with the king was thought to regenerate the cosmos through a reenactment of the primordial coupling of the cosmic parents An and Ki, who had brought the world into being at the dawn of Time. If an eclipse of the sun fell on any of the 12 days of the ceremony, a substitute for the king was put in his place, since it was thought that any evils which might have befallen the king would accrue to the substitute instead. On the last day of the festival, the king was slain so that he could battle at Marduk's side. To spare their king, Mesopotamians often utilized a mock king, played by a criminal who was anointed as king before the start of Zagmuk, and killed on the last day.

In addition to the prisoner who was killed, it was traditional for one prisoner to be set free during this ceremony to provide balance. Thus, the background for what later became Easter is clearly visible here, for during Christ's crucifixion the thief Barabbas was set free and Christ was crucified at the behest of the crowd.

This is also known as the Re-Inactment of the Uninion between ENKI and Anu-Anna to create the ANUNNAKI

The Anunnaki (also transcribed as: Anunna, Anunnaku, Ananaki and other variations) are a group of Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian deities. The name is variously written "da-nuna", "da-nuna-ke4-ne", or "da-nun-na", meaning something to the effect of 'those of royal blood' or 'princely offspring'.
The Anunnaki appear in the Babylonian creation myth, Enuma Elish. In the late version magnifying Marduk, after the creation of mankind, Marduk divides the Anunnaki and assigns them to their proper stations, three hundred in heaven, three hundred on the earth. In gratitude, the Anunnaki, the "Great Gods", built Esagila, the splendid: "They raised high the head of Esagila equaling Apsu. Having built a stage-tower as high as Apsu, they set up in it an abode for Marduk, Enlil, Ea." Then they built their own shrines.

ENKI = Ea = El = Saturn = Krnonos = Horus = Widjad = All Seeing Eye = Goat of Capricorn = Satan = Lucifer = Light Bringer = New Dawn = Rising Sun/Son/Sol
* "Lord of the Earth": the Sumerian en is translated as a title equivalent to "lord"; it was originally a title given to the High Priest; ki means "earth"
* His image is a double-helix snake, very similar to the Rod of Asclepius used to symbolize medicine.
* Enki thus takes on all of the functions of the Abzu, including his fertilising powers as lord of the waters and lord of semen.
* Benito states "With Enki it is an interesting change of gender symbolism, the fertilising agent is also water, Sumerian "a" which also means "semen". In one evocative passage in a Sumerian hymn, Enki stands at the empty riverbeds and fills them with his 'water'"
* His symbols included a goat and a fish, which later combined into a single beast, the goat Capricorn, recognised as the Zodiacal constellation Capricornus.
* Enki and Ninhursag
Enki, as god of water, had a penchant for beer and as god of semen he had a string of affairs. In the epic Enki and Ninhursag, he and his consort Ninhursag had a daughter Ninsar. When Ninhursag left him he came upon Ninsar (Lady Greenery) and then had intercourse with her. Ninhursa then gave birth to Ninkurra (Lady Fruitfulness or Lady Pasture).
A second time, he had intercourse with Ninkurra, who gave birth to Uttu (weaver or spider).
A third time Enki succumbs to temptation, and attempts seduction of Uttu. Upset about Enki's reputation, Uttu consults Ninhursag, who, upset at the promiscuous nature of her spouse, advises Uttu to avoid the riverbanks.
***The Bloodline Begins with ENKI Raping his Daughter, Grand-Daughter, and Great-Grand-Daughter***
* Ninhursag relents and takes Enki's Ab (water, or semen) into her body, and gives birth to gods of healing of each part of the body. The last one, Ninti (Lady Rib), is also a pun on Lady Life, a title of Ninhursag herself.
Ninti, is given the title of the mother of all living, and was a title given to the later Hurrian goddess Kheba. This is also the title given to Eve, the Hebrew Khavvah (חוה), the Aramaic Hawwah, who was made from the rib of Adam, in a strange reflection of the Sumerian myth.
* Confuser of languages
In the Sumerian epic entitled Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta, in a speech of Enmerkar, an incantation is pronounced that has a mythical introduction. Kramer's translation is as follows[8]:

Once upon a time there was no snake, there was no scorpion,
There was no hyena, there was no lion,
There was no wild dog, no wolf,
There was no fear, no terror,
Man had no rival.

In those days, the lands of Subur (and) Hamazi,
Harmony-tongued Sumer, the great land of the decrees of princeship,
Uri, the land having all that is appropriate,
The land Martu, resting in security,
The whole universe, the people in unison
To Enlil in one tongue [spoke].

(Then) Enki, the lord of abundance (whose) commands are trustworthy,
The lord of wisdom, who understands the land,
The leader of the gods,
Endowed with wisdom, the lord of Eridu
Changed the speech in their mouths, [brought] contention into it,
Into the speech of man that (until then) had been one.

The One Family Bloodline that all this Traces back to only has ever brought in 4 Females, the rest of the Females have been Inbreeding....
* Efforts to identify the origins of Ashkenazi Jews through DNA analysis began in the 1990s. In fact, it was from this research, prompted by an observation of the different physical features between Ashkenazi Jews and other of the world's Jewish ethnic divisions, that modern genetic genealogy was born. "For them to identify there Chosen ones"
* a 2006 study by Behar et al., based on high-resolution analysis of haplogroup K(mtDNA), suggested that about 40% of the current Ashkenazi population is descended matrilineally from just four women, or "founder lineages"

Horus from Egypt was also entwined in this mess, and under pre 1980 Aryan Propaganda western people indoctrinated the belief it all began at Egypt Carefully Avoiding and Obfuscating Min The Origin of Egypt Religion, its now shown Mesopotamia Culture and Religious Control of the Fake King Mask aka Pharaoh was a concept of Enki of the Self Titled "High-Enlightened Priest's" that was made of up his inbred descendants the Anunnaki

Min the Original First Man made-Created God of Egyptian Religion Shortly after Enki Created the Zagmuk Ritual Mentoring Ninurta
* As a god of male sexual potency, he was honoured during the coronation rites of the New Kingdom, when the Pharaoh was expected to sow his seed
* Even some war goddesses were depicted with the body of Min (including the phallus)

Origination of Pyramids and Obelisks came from Zagmuk

The Sun in Rome was Sol Invictus
* Emperior of the Roman Empire Aurelian inaugurated his new temple dedicated to Sol Invictus and held the first games for Sol on December 25, 274AD, on the supposed day of the winter solstice and day of rebirth of the Sun.
* The Philocalian calendar of 354 AD gives a festival of "Natalis Invicti" on 25 Dec. There is no evidence that this festival was celebrated before the mid 4th century AD. It also contains the earliest certain reference to 25 December as the feast of the birth of Christ.

The Sun in Egypt was Ra, Ra was an EYE of Horus
Horus Was Born Dec 25 "When the Sun began Longer Days again" Born Anew
Since Horus was said to be the sky, he was considered to also contain the sun and moon. It became said that the sun was his right eye and the moon his left, and that they traversed the sky when he, a falcon, flew across it. Thus he became known as Harmerty - Horus of two eyes. Later, the reason that the moon was not as bright as the sun was explained by a tale, known as the contestings of Horus and Seth

New Dawn, New Day, Reborn all comes from this Man Made Religious Manipulation retold as Myth via the Phoenix perception of Esoteric Ritual incorporating Astronomy with Obfuscated Sexual Esoterica
A phoenix is a mythical bird that is a fire spirit with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet (or purple, blue, and green according to some legends). It has a 500 to 1000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old kut mogool mbalms the ashes of its old self in an egg made of myrrh and deposits it in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis (literally "sun-city" in Greek).

Understanding how these Egyptian Beliefs Influenced Rome when they Compiled Christianity
From the Past Unions between Pharaoh Cleopatra VII and Gaius Julius Caesar
The Child of 2 Living Gods, Caesarion :Ptolemy XV Philopator Philometor Caesar "little Caesar" Son of God, King of Kings

Wedjat, eye of Horus

The All Seeing Eye has been used through out the ages for propaganda to cover the Esoteric Occult understandings , Representing how one bloodline has used the same method to control the world

Nazi Germany

USA 1$ Bill


Lady Gaga is Gaga Nazi Style over the All Seeing Eye and is a perfect example of in-your-face indoctrination is done

This is all about Astronomy, Sex and Control
The Creation of False Masks, Positions, and Beliefs to Fool the people....
The Practice of ENKI WORSHIP
And the Acceptance of a Falsely Created Belief
The True Story of how a Single Genetic Bloodline Linage Sees themselves as Superior , Chosen, Royal, Elite, Illumined, Enlightened, to Rule and Dominate

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