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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Current Banks Denominations

The Current Understanding of the Words "Current" "Banks" and "Denominations"

Current : Refers to the Present Moment in time actually passing,
Current : Passing from one to another, Circulating as a coin or information
Current : The Flow of Energy's, Rivers, Streams, Beach-Ocean, and Electrical Current's
Current : A Course, As of time of Events, the Main Course, the Main tendency
Online Dictionary Reference

Current : accepted, accustomed, afoot, circulating, common knowledge, customary, cutting-edge, doing, existent, extant, fad, fashionable, general, going around, hot*, in, in circulation, in progress, in the mainstream, in the news, in use, in vogue, instant, leading-edge, mod, modern, now*, on front burner, ongoing, popular, present, present-day, prevailing, prevalent, rampant, regnant, rife, ruling, state-of-the-art, swinging, topical, trendy, up-to-date, widespread
Current : course, draught, drift, ebb and flow, flood, flux, jet, juice, progression, river, run, rush, spate, stream, tidal motion, tide
Online Thesaurus Reference

Bank : financial institution
Bank : bordering a stream course along which the CURRENT normally runs
Bank : to build up in or form banks, as clouds or snow, Earth or Sand, Copper Wire or Fiber Optics, Institutions, Organizations.
Bank : a special storage place or reserve: a blood bank; a sperm bank, Grain Bank, Food Bank, Medical Bank, Information Bank.
Bank : To Deposit in a Bank, To Bank Ones Paycheck, Grain, sperm, Information or Knowledge
Bank : Electricity . a number of similar devices connected to act together: a bank of transformers; a bank of resistors. Collectively Human's in Groups who's Energy is Directed to connect and Act together,
Online Dictionary Reference BANK

Bank : Bounding Binding Retaining Directing the Flow of Current, Sea Bank, river Bank, Financial Bank, Also called Ocean Fronts, Water Front, Political Fronts, Religious Front, Military Fronts, Weather Front
Online Thesaurus Reference BANK

Front : Appearance put on for show, Cover-up, Disguise, Mask, Veil
Online Thesaurus Reference Front

Denomination : a religious group, usually including many local churches, often larger than a sect
Denomination : one of the grades or degrees in a series of designations of quantity, value, measure, weight
Denomination : the act of naming or designating a person or thing.
Online Dictionary Reference

Denomination : designation, name, label, mark, class, classification, compellation, denomination, description, epithet, identification, key word, moniker, nickname, style, title
Denomination : Indoctrinated belief, church, creed, cult, faith, group, persuasion, religion, school, sect
Denomination : classification, body, category, class, grade, group, size, type, unit, value
Online Thesaurus Reference

So Ultimately The Science "Man Made Measurement" of Assigning Titles-Names-Marks "Denominations" to Money and Religion is to Identify and Direct the Current "Like the 2 Banks of a River Determine the Flow the Current the closer the banks the faster the current", Physical current-Money, Mental current-Information, and Spiritual current-Religion all constructs of man Used like a Vice to keep humanity Wedged in and under pressure-Control, This is done Via the Construction of MAN MADE BANKS-Fronts who begin by Making a Public Deposit in to the new Enterprise "Social, Political, Monetary, Religious Backing of Authority", then by Connecting Similar Currents, connected to Act Together, The Building of a Bank-Front is then Used as One United entity to Influence the Flow, Directing the Circulation of Physical Mental and Spiritual energy's

If you do not understand the SIMPLICITY of LANGUAGE that is IN YOUR FACE every day, then no wonder your Current is Controlled and Dominated, Psychology is SIMPLE, its Knowing the Indoctrinated Deception that is hard.... and you need to no the Deception to be free, just like you need to no how to defend your self if your going to protect your family and friends.... Ignorance never helps in the future Now-moment of Pressing Circumstances, Knowledge = choice and options from AWARENESS!

this is Why Banks and Religions keep records of there Flock's-Accounts in Denominations, its the Esoteric Occult Control of Current, and the Language used to Communicate between Different Systems "Religion and Commerce" can be found in every area of society, because society is and has always been about MAINTAINING THE SYSTEM for the ELITE who understand how it works.... and it is the SAME SYSTEM you find in Electronics, Electro-magnetic Spectrum, Scientific Measurement, Medical and Astronomy all use these Same Terms to talk about Awareness of Energies Flowing, Only they Deliberately Present False Understandings to the general population to to keep them from understanding the same methods are used to create a DAM or Blow up a Dam to cause a Flood, both examples having a major effect on the flow of current are used throughout Psychology, Mental and Spiritual Awareness and Developing Understandings. Ignorance is only an Excuse to allow other people to Puppet and Manipulate your Current now.... and the only Flows you wont or do not see are the Flows of Current your Own Internal Banks-Ego Fronts Direct your Focus to Drift with the PRE-Programed Rout...

The Original BANKING-INTEREST Terminology in Sumerian was about RAPE

Enki Raped his Sister
Enki Raped his Daughter
Enki Raped his Grand Daughter
Enki Raped his Great Grandaughter

Even when the CHILDREN asked others how to escape

"Nobility Fertilizing Right" Droit Du Signeir "Primae Noctis, Right to take your Children's Virginity comes from

The Nobility DNA scientific Bloodline, has stated

Carbon Price = Birth Credit = SEX SLAVE LAW 

"Restoration of the nobilities right to take your children's Virginity as Sex Slaves"
in 1381 the people UNITED and HUNG the nobility from the tower of london
putting an end to this ABOMINATION
EQUAL DIGNITY FOR ALL "White males who hung the nobility for it were no longer slaves nor there children"
this is why slavery continued outside of white man
WE NEED A GLOBAL 1381 to restore EQUAL DIGNITY FOR ALL regardless of race, culture, religion-dogma Masked Manipulation of Hierarchy "Zagmuk is Sumerian" etc

Wake up stop feeding the Banks Necromancy Creations

Its your Choice to FEED the Vampiric Energy Sucking Parasites 
Or Chose Morality, Freedom, Equal Dignity for All!

j.n.m ©

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