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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 4 Bloodline's that Began what is "The NEW WORLD ORDER"

The 4 Bloodline's that Began what is the NEW WORLD ORDER
Efforts to identify the origins of Ashkenazi Jews through DNA analysis began in the 1990s. In fact, it was from this research, prompted by an observation of the different physical features between Ashkenazi Jews and other of the world's Jewish ethnic divisions, that modern genetic genealogy was born.

Both the extent and location of the maternal ancestral deme from which the Ashkenazi Jewry arose remain obscure. Here, using complete sequences of the maternally inherited mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), we show that close to one-half of Ashkenazi Jews, estimated at 8,000,000 people, can be traced back to only 4 women carrying distinct mtDNAs that are virtually absent in other populations, with the important exception of low frequencies among non-Ashkenazi Jews. We conclude that four founding mtDNAs, likely of Near Eastern ancestry, underwent major expansion(s) in Europe within the past millennium.

Looking at other populations, the Technion team found that some people in Egypt, Arabia and the Levant also carried the set of mutations that defines one of the four women.

Now if the Elite Bloodlines, did not keep changing there names, and following the Man's Last-name "this was done deliberately through religious institutions and Iconoclasm crusades" and followed the Woman's Linage "Like the Royal Families have been doing" "Hint hint" then This would be Obvious as every International Bank "Owner Family", Every Royal Bloodline Corronated by the Pope in Europe "Saxa-Gotha-Coburg" Who trace there Linage back to Most Pharaohs and Abrahamic Religious Leaders Through the KING DAN of the Vikings, who were the Rulers of Egypt Babylon and Assyria-Persia for the last 5500-6000 Years....

However, there own push to identify what they see as inferior Humans due for eradication so they can have a sustainable peace "with no opposition left" has giving the Humans Labeled by them as "Useless Eaters" the access to the same technology to Identify them back... Regardless of the Mask-title they ware... in an attempt to fool us... There own Devotion to there Long time goal "To Destroy our Way so that they can finally have peace"has Led them to Reveal the Methods, Tools and Technology's Required to Insure the Worlds Wealthy, Political, Royals, Bankers, and Religious Leaders and Representatives are not Genetically Related, Monopolizing Global Power under the Linage of just 4 Women....

THE NEW WORLD ORDER, is only the Revealing of a Global System where this In-bread Family will Rule the World Openly with
*One world Bank,
*One world Government,
*One world Currency,
*One world Religion,
*One world Military-Police-Intelligence Agency
*One world Family....

"Are you Related? or are they just waiting to conform you on the Disposal List's? Time for a Blood Test?"

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