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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Top of the Pyramid

POPE is at the top
Has only 2 official people left who directly report to, or are appointed to there position by the popes authority, all other sectors are councils and conclaves.

The Queen's Coronation

The Superior General of the Jesuit Society
reports DIRECTLY to the pope, and Controls the VATICAN CONCLAVE, aka the POPE IS THIS GUYS PUPPET, that is why past popes revealed the Jesuits for what they are, and the Jesuits became the Illuminati and the Illuminati became Freemasons, the Jesuits came from the VOID in Vatican Elite Forces after FRIDAY THE 13th when the pope ordered the assassination of ALL TEMPLAR'S, the Templar being the old elite force and bankers of the papal office who began overstepping there authority and using the pope as a figurehead puppet, but the pope got the upper hand and fought, that is what warned the successor popes of the ploys of there new elite unit the Jesuits would one day possible go rogue and need to be Terminated, but the professor of Jesuit law "aka ADMIRALTY LAW or law of oceans and international commerce aka banking, Professor Weishaupt created the Illuminati as a new front name for the same JESUIT enterprise continuance, and the name changed to masonry to infiltrate the English who had abandoned the PAPAL authority with the Church of England which was quickly brought back under control with the infiltration of the mid level lords and men of title... who now make it obvious to the Queen of England that she MUST submit to the POPES Authority! "like the rest of us"

The Bankers are bankers for the Vatican, KNIGHTED BY RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY! Always have been always will be... The names change, much like presidents, or the manager of burger king, but the Same people are still running the show and have been Since ENKI

THE BLOOD LINE IS ENKI all the elites love showing how they descend from the past leaders and push this information in your face!

new name, new mask, new manager and you lap it up like a good puppy, Sit boy calm down....

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