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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pete Santilli Still harassing Via Email, Just Come Clean Pete and try be Moral for once?

The Following was just sent to me by Pete Santilli, his Emotional Ranting is becoming Psychotic... I dont think his able to send a normal email anymore without Attacking Personally ad Homenim Attacks and using Childish Derogatory Terminology...

From: ""
To: John McAlpine
Sent: Sunday, 27 January 2013 5:05 PM
Subject: Re: Hello Pete

you are such a little cunt...and a stalker

3 people have read your so-called expose.........fuckin worthless feeder who has NO BEARING on anything

go write your articles and then publish it for 3-5 people to read & throw up from your turret's syndrome writing style

we all laugh at your stalking "happy birthday" bwahahahahaaaa      fuckin wingnut

Semper Fi,

Pete Santilli 

This is all because i said HappyBirthday to Susannah Cole and informed her many of petes old listeners are doing their own Blog, Journalism, Music Etc and they all Support Her still and would help her Go Solo and get out of Pete Santilli's Puppet Mastery of her...

Below is a copy of that Chat Wishing Susannah Cole a Happy Birthday...!!!

[4:48:02 PM] John McAlpine: Happy Birthday, i found the link as well so dont worry about it
[4:48:35 PM] Susannah Cole: Ahhhh ... Thank you Shun ...
[4:52:53 PM] John McAlpine: Sorry about any flack you get for being with pete, you read the emails he had a lot of chances to just say sorry for what we all know he did, now its public... and pete is responsible for pulling susane P in to it when he threatens to post chat
[4:59:02 PM] Susannah Cole: He's not worried about it Shun and neither are Susanne and I ... You can post whatever you like ... I don't have to like or respect it... That's the truth ... I also saw things about you I did not like ... so you know ... it is what it is ... We will survive ...
[4:59:31 PM] Susannah Cole: Thanks for the birthday wish
[5:03:36 PM] John McAlpine: Nothing posted is UNFACTUAL, and if you think your siding on the moral side when you clearly read and HEARD petes comments and want to defend him that is your choice, i'm always open to hear anything people find unfactual and i will correct it... anything Factual you dont like dosnt change the FACTS tho dose it?
[5:09:37 PM] Susannah Cole: Don't twist my words Shun ... I'm simply telling you I'm not worried about what you or anybody else thinks of my relationship to Pete santilli ... I know what hapened that day ... I know what you did and I know what reaction you got ... Your post do not affect me one way or another ... your post ... say whatever you like ... I am simply indifferent ... sorry if that makes you angry ...
[5:13:27 PM] John McAlpine: i'm only feeling sorrow for you right now, no anger at all this whole time... if you read my comments and petes you can clearly see ive forseen this and been logical about it all :) you no what pete said to me and to hatrick... do you think pete is acting moral and if its immoral how can you claim to be good and defend him?
[5:14:34 PM] John McAlpine: your emotions might be feeling anger or hostility right now, but i am not, i can see why you might feel emotio0nal aboutt this you have a lot to lose like when you had to leave alex, its your choice
[5:16:59 PM] John McAlpine: its your listeners who are looking out for you, and who i am respecting to help you, they feel petes cut all your connections to everyone else but him, so you feel trapped, there are ways out over 10 of your old listeners are starting their own blogs and going to syndicate between them
[5:17:05 PM] John McAlpine: your welcome to join them :)
[5:22:47 PM] Susannah Cole: Are you serious? What the hell Shundrallah ... Well good luck to you ... I wish you all the best ...
[5:24:05 PM] John McAlpine: You as well :) seriously no hard feelings you were always nice and honest, and i really did appriciate your efforts to raise facts i pointed out :) "i really mean that"

I said all i have to to pete in the last post Exposing him...
Let me Clarify and say it again
"Obviously i will not hire pete santilli under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, nor do i want anything to do with him, i will continue to expose him until he apologizes and changes his ways STOPS THE COUNTER INTELLIGENCE PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS DISINFORMATION "and exposes those currently pulling his strings in Marine Intelligence" its past the apology now... like i said originally none of this was about me, it was ALWAYS about YOU the READERS"

Pete attacking me isnt going to help, you have a Choice to make COME CLEAN AND TELL YOUR LISTENERS THE TRUTH or just keep adding Fuel to the Fire and let the TRUTH Burn You...

Until Pete Santilli Comes Clean and tells everyone the Truth and STOPS BEING IMMORAL i dont want anything to do with him... So Pete Please Just Stop it its wasting everyones time, but i guess that is your Job isnt it? Counter Intelligence-Disinformation Time Wasting Confusion Specialist?

 Stop Zionism!

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