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Saturday, January 29, 2011


For those of you who dont think the UN gets all Governments to Create POPULATION Departments that Oversee the Strategic Planning and Implementation of MORALITY REDUCTION PROGRAMS in the aims of Converting the Mind's to Accept Population Reduction "Consensus" strategies that MORAL RESISTANCE IS PREVENTING!

The Philippines stands out as a nation caught in a continuous struggle over the nature and morality of family building. Parliament and executive government conflicts have crippled family planning programs, with the result that fertility rates have not declined as much as the experience of the other large countries of the region.

WHO "World Health Origination UN" had been saying until yesterday that the world’s goal of reducing maternal morality had not been met.

The infant mortality rate (IMR)

The biggest challenge for Indonesia is to reduce the maternal morality rate (MMR).

As a result of this initiative, the Vulnerability and Risk Analysis and Mapping (VRAM) platform was established within the Mediterranean Centre for Health Risk Reduction (WMC) in Tunis with the objective to help implement primary and secondary prevention strategies to reduce morality and morbidity through disaster crises management.

A statement posted on January 15 2001 by the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) said the assistance would aim to reduce morality rates among the most vulnerable sections of the population and to promote increased self-reliance in the war-affected society.

The latest government report (September 2010) states that “to reduce morality further
among children in Nepal, attention to newborn and infant care is required .”

Seriously Do your Research
Google Search, and Search the United Nations, and your own Governments Website for
"Reduce Morality"

these are not Typo's
I am talking about MORAL MORALITY ETHICS

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