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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Immigration Gumballs

This is how a Consensus is Reached, Notice he ignores 300million people, to say the growth of 10 million people is doubled by immigration, when in fact its less than a 3% growth when taking in to account the original 300million people that make up the base population... Hence why all the talk about DOUBLING schools, Education, Hospitals is BULLSHIT

While one relevant point was raised "taking the skilled and bright people from other countries deprives those countries of the brains to Establish Local Ingenuity and growth and self management... HOWEVER HE USES THIS DECEITFUL ARGUMENT TO SAY THOSE BRIGHT PEOPLE SHOULD BE USED IN FAMILY PLANNING TO BRAINWASH OTHERS TO HAVE ABORTIONS AND STERILIZATION!

This is linked to explain how Conning your Senses "Con-Sense-Us" is strategically Established to become the dominant thought pattern that MASKS the EUGENICS ENDGAME

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