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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Globalist Agent Exposed : COUNTER INTELLIGENCE, PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS PROPAGANDA"Agents Code Name Classification : Morpheus Jupiter"

Globalist Agent Exposed : COUNTER INTELLIGENCE, PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS PROPAGANDA"Agents Code Name Classification : Morpheus Jupiter"

Many people know this Agent... Yet had no Idea of the Links this person has with the CIA and other government and private intelligence agencies like Stratfor, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Green Activism Co-Opting, The United Nations, Illuminati and SATANISM "All the Masks of the real GLOBALISTS NWO"

This Agent has been saying for a long time "Its the US Government" keeping the sheople inside this  persons nationalism "Box Compartment, Lines drawn on a map" closed to WORLD AFFAIRS AND THE BIG PICTURE "Outside the Line", this AGENT works in Tandem with a Mirror Agent in Britain, who also works to get the people to say its the elite in-charge of their own nation, while never offering a solution, they are always telling you whats coming and to PHYSICALLY STAND DOWN when it happens, This compartmentalization is working as most of the people this Agent Infected accepted the programing and stopped looking for GLOBALISTS INFURIATING all over the GLOBE working TOGETHER on a GENERATIONAL PLAN..., and just keeps saying "the government needs replacing with ... what?... The Immoral Satanic Globalists this Agent is Protecting and keeping people from looking in to!"

The Truth-Militia Movement was Co-Opted by this Agent with the Use the Ancient Manipulation Technique of Shi, To use the Banks to Direct the Current and Flow of Energy, to use the Lines on the Map to Direct Patriotic Currents and Denominations to Direct their Flow of Energy to support the group this Agent wants to Let Flow... This agent Said : Let GLOBALIST Evil Flow.... By Infiltration and Strategic Programing Virus Enchanting to Direct the Patriots Energies...

This Agent Never Joins the Links Globally to the GLOBALIST IMMORAL Elites doing the Same plan and bring in the same Laws in all Western Influenced Countries, Never Exposing the United Nations, Knights of Malta Agents doing the Same thing in other countries, and acting like its just the individual American Elites currently running the Whole Show from his Individual Country "America Via the Fed and CIA"

This agent Never Talks about the Brazil, Russia, India, China "BRIK" Alliance that makes up 40% of the worlds population "80% if including there allies" that is opposing the GLOBALISTS, and Preventing the Western elites Banking and Zionism Scam-False Flag-Plans to bring in a BIRTH CREDIT

This Agent NEVER talks about the Carbon Tax being Thought up by the same people Funding the United Nations, Individual Government Infiltration, Reserve Banking to bring in a Birth Credit based on the CO2 you Breath... to Lawfully ENSLAVE anyone borne without buying a License! So the Elite can RAPE YOUR CHILDREN "This agent even tells you the outcome just not the method, he covers, Obfuscates, the method and the links of who is "The Globalists" carrying out the plan

This Agent NEVER TALKS ABOUT FREEDOM LOSS TO THE UN ALL OVER THE GLOBE! This agent Keeps his Followers Focused on their own leaders bypassing the American constitution law "encouraging everyone to support a CONSTITUTIONAL REFORMATION" while ignoring every other country is forced to comply with Necromancy as well by the same GLOBALISTS pulling the strings... who will pull a switch and make REFORMATION support a GLOBAL CONSTITUTION

This Agent Never Talks about Countries outside the USA meddling in Global Affairs, always blaming the USA leadership "Congress and the president, the Fed or the CIA" or just not mentioning it like its not news. "Clearly just Targeting Americans without a Global Perception"

This Agent NEVER talks About Zionism WW3 being Planned Since the 1850's, and Deliberately is Strategically Programing and positioning Supportive Triggers to Guide those Infected in to helping the System work on its way towards Zion, while Simultaneously providing those the illusion they are waking up... "This is just like Neo in the matrix waking up and joining Morpheus to go to Zion...
THAT WAS STILL IN THE MATRIX PEOPLE, ITS TIME TO REALLY WAKE UP AND LEAVE THE MATRIX" Or you can follow Morpheus err i mean this Agent and go to Zion?
Neo "Thinking his Awakened" On his way to Zion with Morpheus... at this point NEO is in the MATRIX made for those who THINK YOU'VE WOKEN UP AND ESCAPED!

This Agent has only Exposed Satanism Once, This Agent is Famous For getting in to FILM a Secret Ritual no living being has ever gotten access to since... "Was he Invited?" The Best Military Snipers Trained in Infiltration couldn't get in to this Location if it was whats claimed, yet you think this Agent Hides in the Grass without a Thermal protection Suit or Camouflage and is not Spotted Filming the Global Elite SATANIC RITUAL? "Yet never gets one Face!" As if the Global Elite don't have Thermal + Night + Inferred Vision scanning the Bush overlooking the ritual area... AS IF!... Since that time this Agent has not EXPOSED one Satanic event, and any time it comes up he will just refer to his original documentary claiming it is all the proof he needs and Daring others to go there! yet he didn't have any proof of who, only a ritual preformed by people in robes and a fire, the Links below Explain from many people there is no evidence, or proof, watch the whole thing without sound, then listen to the whole thing without video... "it is strange not one face is filmed!"

Both of these Agents, This Agent "Morpheus Jupiter" Specifically in the UNITED STATES and His Double in the UNITED KINGDOM "Morpheus Dike" are working for the GLOBALISTS, the evidence shows they began working for them and never stopped!

This Agent NEVER TALKS ABOUT THE REAL AWAKENING! the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Change of MORAL AWARENESS that the IMMORAL ELITES FEAR! Never Mentioning 1381 Peasant Revolt "Where Slavery was replaced with FREEDOM" or the Solution to this Immoral GLOBALIST Elite Problem we face today, or the Moral way to Confront and Deal with the Immoral GLOBALIST Elites, This Agent Chants the Opposite to Induce FEAR

This Agent was Called out By Bill Cooper, a REAL TRUTHER
This Agent Stole Bill Coopers Idea's TWICE claiming credit for himself! "911 and Pale Horse"

This Agent Hired an Ex- Stratfor Employee
Stratfor Began Showing up Publicly the Same year as this Agent... 1996
Stratfor also has recently been hacked and this Agent has Emails and Account Login information in Stratfor Files!

This Agent Married a Green Movement Provocateur "Throwing Dead Animals on people for Peta"
This Agent Brags about his Wife being an attack Dog for Peta, aka the Green Co-opting Carbon Tax Birth Credit "Immoral Elite Globalist" agenda...

This Agents Wife was possibly BLACKMAILED in to working for the green movement when her Father was Arrested for Federal Embezzlement, After This Agents Wife Threw the Dead Animals on people to cause a scene and co-ops the PETA-Green Movement Her Father was given a Slap on the Wrist...

This Agents Father In-law plead guilty to having violated federal financial conflicts of interest law and was Convicted on October 6 1993

This Agent Recently called for everyone to step down when the GLOBALISTS invade, even going so far as asking for you to ALLOW THE GLOBALISTS TO RAPE YOUR WOMEN, TO SPEAK OUT BUT NO PHYSICAL ACTION! "Seriously listen to what the Agent said LIVE it was RECORDED, and tell me WHO IS GOING TO INVADE AMERICA? APART FROM THE UNITED NATIONS IMMORAL ELITE GLOBALISTS VIA LAW-WORDS-RESOLUTIONS, NO ONE!"

This Agent was an RSICC Member
Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress (RSICC) To define for eventual implementation the ideal form of government for the support of freedom on the local, state, national, and world level. We are a growing body of patriot saint leaders, volunteer and elected, representative of our various communities and organizations.
This Agent Claims to Vampirically Suck $ 6 Million per year from those his tricked in to supporting him, while this Agent openly admits to a $400,000 Server Bill, 20 employees even at $50,000 each is only $1mill, assume rent and electricity is around the same as the server bill of $400,000, that is only a total of $2,200,000 expenses, making a total of  $3,800,000 Profit per year, his been doing this since 1996 that is 16 years, This Agent Claims when projects make a profit it goes back in to new projects... "There must be some big ones in the works other then taking Pale horse"

This Agent is linked to Pat Buchanon CIA Agent, Jesuit and Knight of Malta, Presidential Adviser

This Agent Exposed himself, how he has been INVOLVED in ZAGMUK rituals

This Agent Exposed him self, yet Most people forgot he Squirmed when Jim Mars said the Truth about the GLOBALISTS!

This Agent has been Identified by the Following Investigators Exposing Globalist Agents

Pete Santilli Link
Susannah Cole Link
Susanne Posel Link
MsSherrieLea Link
David Chase Taylor Link
Eric Jon Phelps Link
Jane Burgmeister Link
Vinny Eastwood Link
Jack Blood Link Even the EU Times picked that up Link Jack use to work with this Agent
Chemlin Link
Eric Dubay Link
John Gray Link
Gordon Blayer Link
Derek Link
Stew Web Link
Tila Link
Sniper Steve Link
Mark Youngworth Link
Slimebuster Link Agent got his Ass kicked in parking lot
Josh Eaton Link
Redacted News Link
Brand-No Link
TheMounteBankExposee Link
Glen Canady Link NSearch Link
Iconoclastradio Link
Opposing Digits Link

The Following people also Raise Information about this Agent

Walkindude Link
Alphaandomega44 Link
Northern Truth Seeker Link
Remnant of god ministries Link
Historylsnow Link
Spreadtheword08 Link Satanism Exposed
BRothbury Link
Establishment connections Agenda Link
Itallianlad Link
The Information Underground Link

This Agent also has many recordings of things his said like
"Let the Globalists Rape women, speak out but no physical action, let there evil flow"
"Bush Daughters Drunk"
"Bill Clinton"
"Blood Sacrifice"
"Thats all Folks"

I could go on and on linking Hundreds of Individuals exposing This Agent, after a while you get sick of his Voice, and if your reading this and have not checked one link yet to find out who the Agent is...
And i do not want to be doing Stratfor's job for them compiling all those who have woken up to this Agents Deception...

Did you ever wonder why this Agent never looks at the Global Picture? Joining United Nations Plans and Laws unrolling everywhere? Joining the Carbon Tax and Gun Banning? the Terrorism laws? Oppressive Wars without Government Approval or Votes, Just United Nations Mandates? "ALL WESTERN COUNTRIES GOT OR ARE GETTING THE SAME ROLE-OUT PLAN OF LAWS FROM THE SAME AGENDA GROUP"
Did you Know these Facts?
Do you Support this Globalist Agent?

 Stop Zionism!

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