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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sit Us In Equality Citizen

Citizen :
"You work Words"
"Or Words work You"
Citizen :
"Ignorance to Ones Sentences, Sentences One to Ignorance"
Citizen :
"Stood Over, If you Understand"
"Under Stand if you Stood Down"
"Stand Up if you Under Stood"

"Those Ignorant or Believing the Illusion-Maya do not KNOW"
"Those who KNOW are not Ignorant and do not Believe"

"History Repeat when Ignorant of History"

Sit Us In :
"Freedom if you Make a Stand"
"Stand Over Your Self to Apprehend"

*Morpheus* :
"Red-Pilled : You may perceive how the Matrix
only En-Traps those that Chose to Stand Under, Sit In the System"

"Blue-Pilled Already Matrixed Citizen"
Sitting in the Matrixed, Blissfully Unaware, Ignorantly Confounding

The Riddle is when one Reads Backwards.... In to History...

In 1381 the Peasant "Sit us in" Revolution
Stood Up to the Oppressing Stand-Over System
It Began in Fobbing, The Next day Essex and Kent,
the Following day LONDON was in Full scale Revolution!
From the Tower of London, The Archbishop of Canterbury "The Popes English Representative",
The Lord Chancellor, The Lord Treasurer, and the Grand Prior of the Knights Hospitlar
No one else was Hurt, and the only property Damage done was to the Monarchy and church UNDEAD BODIES OF HIERARCHY ZAGMUK


You see the PEOPLE had Awoken to the TRUTH
The People Identified those attempting to be OVERLORDS,
Those Enslaving the people on behalf of the pope and Crown Masking the Nobility Bloodline, and only those doing Immoral Necromancers Bidding of Immoral Corrupt "Dead Body's Raised by the Word, like the Body of the Church" were Targeted to be REMOVED

The Citizen was not Sitting in the Matrix anymore...
1 Year Later the pope Authorized the NEW ENGLISH VERSION, and began the inquisition ICONOCLASM against the WORDS of older languages to ERADICATE THE LANGUAGE, and words to effectively translate corruption and Sheppard leading their flocks to slaughter...

This is where the Greek word "Stand over" like they STOOD OVER KNOWLEDGE,
is used by the LATIN PRIESTS to tell their FLOCKS
You see before this new English language that had less then 800 words in the authorized English bible, Peasants would and were learning Greek Latin and many other languages, German, Even as far as the middle east and East Asia... But the Nobility Bloodline Needed Control, so the English Church was Annexed to make the pupped head at arms length out of fear that revolution would spread back and crumble the whole system in 1381 !!! the Knights Hospitlar became the, Jesuits, Illuminati Masons & The Sovereign Military Order of Malta & Rhodes!

In Greek, Con and Com = To Direct, That is why the Troll is Directed with CON-TROL, and the Bat is only allowed to hit people in COM-BAT under the Hierarchys Direction, not to HANG the Nobility's TOP APPOINTED REPRESENTATIVES!

Corpor = Corpse, Incorporate, is to put the word in to a corpse to INCORPORATE it
Now its a Raised Body, that is NOT LIVING! UNDEAD
This comes from ENKI in the CLAY forming HUMANS, when he would TEACH FREE PEOPLE to SERVE so they would go to the REEDS OF ENKI "heaven, the afterlife Soul-Trap" to serve there as well of course... As when IMMORALITY CHOOSES TO TURN THEIR BACK ON INFINITY, they are Finite, needs POWER-ENERGY from somewhere, so they TRAP YOU with WORDS that draw the VEIL-Maya, Blinding you from the TRUTH,

YOUR FREE if you chose to be.... or you can stay in the system-Matrix

Do you Accept the Commands, and Control of the System? Of the Hierarchy Zagmuk? Blindly following them without Question ? "Hitler loved people like you who followed orders... Blindly....

Rapists, Psychopaths and Murderers Immorally Love people Preaching
"Believe in Love everyone",
"Believe in Non-Violence, aka do not Resist or defend your self"

True Pure Love Kama is Morality in Action, DEFENDING THE INNOCENT!

This is why they will Sit you In a Nest of Lies,
this is why they Will Sit you In Education
This is why your Pupils are Directed to be good Pupils in School
And why the Sharks School the Fish in to their Open Maw
This is why they will Sit you in Re-Education
This is why they will Sit you in your Vocation, Convoked, Directed to Work like a Salve...

Language Actually means something and Comes from somewhere, so now i ask you
Did you See even a Glimpse of what you just Read ?
Did Reading this give you the Glimmer that possibly we can Sit us in Equality, rather then be a Citizen in the System???

I'm pleased to say that they Dont Sit Us "ALL" In any more... nor have they Been Sitting us ALL in like they claim, its a Lie, the Biggest part of the CON Directed Conning of Senses, or Consensus, like they tell you we all go to the Reeds of Enki Heaven, Its one big lie, and you better wake up soon.... if you want to Sit Us In Dignified Equality?

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