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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Australian Soverignty Party

In the Up coming Australian Federal Election only ASP seem to have TRUE TRANSPARENT POLICIES that ENHANCE FREEDOM

"Climate SCAM"
"No Income TAX"
"Fluoride taken out of the water"
"No GM foods"
"Take out the CONDITIONING OF CHILDREN in the EDUCATION indoctrination system"
"Return to the GOLD STANDARD, and take back the PRINTING of money from the FOREIGN OWNED FEDERAL RESERVE who charge interest"
"Investigating and Prossucuting CORRUPTION AND TREASON in the Government and Corporations"

Just to name a few of there Policies that other parties DENY or OBFUSCATE!

I cant tell you who to vote for, i can tell you THERE ARE SOME GOOD CANDIDATES who reveal the truth and the corruption that the MAIN 3 political parties "Liberal,Labor,Greens" have been UNITEDLY supporting for DECADES!

Its time for a CHANGE? and to MOVE FORWARD?
To a Transparent FREE Australia where all criminals ESPECIALLY THE ONES IN PUBLIC OFFICE are held responsible for there ACTIONS AND CHOICES, no longer able to hide behind the masks of compartmentalized ignorance

Wake up Australia... Its time to Clean house, and then make sure that no one responsible for TREASONOUS CRIMES AGAINST AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE go unpunished...

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