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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oil Spill, 100 Football Fields and Counting, 5 Billion in damages, and no ones talking about METHANE HYDRATES!?

100 000 barrels of oil = 15 898.7295 m3

At $1000 per barrel Fines for BP that is 100million per day... day 50 5 billion
Why are they not Broke yet?
why is the Government not stepping in and proceeding with liquidation and seizure protocols?

A Rugby Field is 100 x 70 , aka 7000m2
So 2+ Rugby Fields per day are filling up with Oil in the ocean Day 50 over 100 football fields and the football players are still obliviously ignorant of the situation, still amused and distracted.

This Disaster began on April 20 2010, Day 50 and no one has mentioned the effect on Methane Hydrates...

Here is a Simple heads up WORST CASE SCENARIO

Methane Hydrates Expand 10,000 Fold in Volume when they have contact with water...
Some areas of the Ocean Floor are only protected by a thin layer of Silt...
If the OIL Soaks in to the Silt, then the current pushed the Silty Oil Blobs off the Methane Hydrates exposing them to the water... they will Expand with Explosive compression creating a chain reaction of pushing more oil soaked silt off methane exposing more Methane Hydrates to Water continuing the explosive reaction... the Clouds of Gas created in pockets rising out of the ocean will be so toxic they will kill any AIR breathing entity... and will take some time to dilute there high density methane "AKA lack of Oxygen" pockets.

Never before has this been an issue because the OIL has never made the Silty ocean floor stick together and raise like paint being stripped off so much Methane Hydrates at one time...

This is a Shundrallah Heads up Exclusive on the next big issue
"how to clean up the OIL when it has created a Silty Tar covering Methane Hydrates, without Exposing the Methane and creating DEATH POCKETS OF GAS IN THE ATMOSPHERE"

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