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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Purpose of existence

Awareness is the core, as it allows one and all to be aware
However there was something before awareness...
What created awareness?
The Unification at the end that pulls everything and everyone together pulled awareness in to being from nothingness, and when unified and completely one will return to nothingness

Morality is they key to unifying everything and everyone under total FREEDOM and their for is the goal of awareness, Morality is the creator of awareness and awareness's objective!

Total Morality is tranquility.
Total Tranquility is total awareness.
Total awareness morally unified encompass's every and all that ever was is and could be.
Awareness totally complete is able to return to the space... nothingness...

Its like all life, energy, matter, consciousness, awareness cycles,

a tree grows to its full potential then returns to non existence, allowing other trees to grow... If a tree completed its task then did not make a place for other trees then other trees would never have a chance to be a part of existence...

If energy was unable to be moved from place to place then everything would be motionless and static... the loss of energy to one perspective is a gain to another, and is the flow of aether

If Hydrogen was never to bond with other molecules no life would exist, no complex elements, if neutrons and protons were never to combine hydrogen would never have existed, same to with electrons, hence the sharing and flow of energy is life and-or matter, and all life and matter can be traced back to the energy exchanges at the smallest of aware levels of energy

Consciousness is the ability to interact with awareness to bring change... plants interact, insects interact, fish interact, the planets suns and stars interact... matter interacts... however our distinctions are put upon our awareness to see other perceptions changing its interactions based upon choice rather than repetitious formula... but only shows the arrogance of humanity to think that it can perceive the planets suns stars interacting when it cant even comprehend animals being aware and changing perception based on its own choice...

Instead humanity try's to make theories to justify its ignorance, 1+1=2 is not a theory its fact, know that a theory is that terrorists conspired to take over 4 plains with box cutters on 9-11, or Darwinist theory of evolution, these are theories because there formula is not transparent and obvious to all even after being privy to the formalized theory and all its encompassing data, something is still missing and dose not make the theorized formula unbreakable, and is their for no different to dogma...

Awareness happens before matter, before life, when the energy manifests ones intention from the aether in to form that is perceivable and referenced.
If awareness exists before all form or matter, then its obvious that if the form and matter comes after awareness and required awareness to be created, to maintain its interaction with the area its created in then its obvious to anyone that is not dogmatic that everything in existence and even that which is not yet manifested or manifested and passed from existence is was and always will be inherently aware...

In dogmatic terms people call the non manifested emanation of awareness energy "Spirits"
While the original Spiritual wisdom used the term Akashic turned in to Aether by the Greeks at the same time Pythagoras copied his famous thrum from the Vedic texts, so to the term Philo-Sophy aka Wisdom-Truth aka Dharma in Buddhism, or Rta in Vedic was coined and copied

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